12 Mistakes to Avoid in Your Blog (Part 2)

Created: August 06th, 2014 (10:00)
12 Mistakes to Avoid in Your Blog (Part 2)

Extremely Biased Opinions

Even though your primary goal is promoting your own products or services, keep in mind that building a relationship with customers and potential clients is an important part of having a blog. If you’re posting content that is overly promotional, it will most likely hurt this relationship. Honesty is greatly valued on a blog, just as much as subjective opinions. Always remember what your main aim is — providing information and establishing yourself as an authority.

Misdirected Writing

Another thing that can harm your blog is writing on a topic with which you have limited knowledge or little experience. Make sure that when you’re entering some unfamiliar territory with a blog post, you actually back up your ideas with plenty of reliable data. Therefore, writing on a topic that you are not likely to extensively research is a bad idea. Keep in mind that reputation is key, so your offering must be sufficiently thought out and developed in order to contribute to your public perception.In addition, direct your content at the right target audience. In case you didn't fill in the gaps in the connections between your offer, content writing, and readers, your strategy has to be reassessed.

Flawed Content

Let's face it, readers do not take you seriously if you don't write well. Misspelling, grammatical errors, poor formatting, and even typos can all harm your writing and the authority you have established. This issue is likely to arise if you’re sharing blogging duties with coworkers. If a freelance writer is also involved in creating content for the same blog, you've constantly got to review their work. It's possible you'll even find some inspiration for future blog postings in the process.

Distracting Layout

Try your bets not to get lost in your website design. A/B testing, wireframing, color schemes, and plugins can make you fall down the rabbit hole. Don't forget though that this is your content what will ultimately attract customers to your website. To start with, your pages should be consistent and aesthetically pleasing, as well as well-formatted, and easy to navigate. However, your main task is to allocate as many resources as possible in order to develop your content offerings. Unlike your website design, the content you create may be applicable to customers for years after its posting date, so think of your content writing as a long term investment in your company.

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