22 SEO Tips for Modern Copywriters (Part One)

Created: May 23rd, 2014 (09:53)
22 SEO Tips for Modern Copywriters (Part One)

1. Writing Down Your Thoughts

The primary focus of copywriting is now placed on the quality of content – it must be well-written and optimized in order to appeal to readers. A writer can save his/her time sense while writing first and tweaking for search engines afterwards. It’s quite easy to incorporate keywords after the text is written, besides, this approach saves a lot of time.

2. Engaging Your Readers

Engaging refers to appealing to customers and readers as a content writer. What are the ways to engage readers? Try starting with a magnetic headline. Once you’ve come up with one, keep your prospects interested in what you write about, make emotional connection with them.

3. Relevance Matters

When content is relevant, it contributes to its quality, so relevance is important factor in content management. Make your copy relevant and useful to both your business and your readers. Write about specific products and services your website provides, otherwise, your readers might become confused and lost.

4. Make Your Copy Informative

Informative content is of high value. When buying a service or product, people don’t want another sales message telling them this product/service the best, what they really want is high quality SEO copywriting, which explains them what this product/service does, and what benefits do they get when they order it.

5. Take into Consideration Word Count

Search engines, like Google, have never really indicated certain word count that they prefer. Still, webmasters, content writers, and SEOs have discovered that pages with 300 words or more tend to perform better. The reasoning behid it is that longer posts engage more often, so it all makes sense.

6. Skimmable Content is Quality Content

For better performance, pages at your website must be easy to scan. To put it simply, include headings, as well as subheads. In addition, bullet points and plenty of white space are also helpful when writing web copy. You may place emphasis on your key points by using italics or bold.

7. Remember the Main Purpose

While trying to impress Google and other search engines, remember that the main purpose of writing copy is selling a product/service. Therefore, your content has to convert accordingly.

8. Come up with Right Keywords

The essence of search is keywords, so it is vitally important to know how to come up with the ones that deliver most traffic. Many copywriters find this difficult to do, therefore, several guides were written to easen this task for them. All one needs to do is some research and reading.

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