22 SEO Tips for Modern Copywriters (Part Three)

Created: May 29, 2014
22 SEO Tips for Modern Copywriters (Part Three)

Use Hyperlink Keywords

Experts advise to use the link text keywords when there is a need to link to your content from other internal pages, or link out to inner pages from your copy. They refer to it as quite a helpful practice. However, it is important to be careful and not link the same keywords repeatedly, especially when they are within the same page.

Place Your Links in the Body Copy

Linking out to authoritative, relevant sites is a great inbound marketing strategy that provides value for readers. In addition, it also improves SEO. However, experts advise not to do it in the intro of your copy (about first 200 words). It’s better to save the outbound links and incorporate them in the body copy.

Don’t Publish Right Away

Experts advise not to publish your copy right away. It’s better to let it sit for few days and come back to it a little bit later and with a fresh mind. You can also reread it to ensure that your writing sounds natural. If your keywords do sound forced, better remove them. In addition, reading over again also helps to pick up and correct errors.

Read it out Loud

Reading your SEO copywriting aloud can provide you with a different perspective. In fact, many copywriters do this. Don’t worry if it feels weird doing it, or you just don’t like how your own voice sounds, you can always use a text-to-speech reader. As an alternative solution, you can also ask a family member or a friend to read it to you.

Tell What Your Content is About

There are two major advantages that meta descriptions, we are talking about well-written ones here, do. First of all, they describe and tell search engines what your content is about. And second, they encourage people to click on and check out your headlines in the SERPs. The thing is that good metas are oriented towards some action, no longer than 155 characters, and include your money making keywords.

Call Your Readers to Action

Whether it’s copywriting or blog writing, you surely want your readers to take action and do something on that page of yours. Therefore, tell them to do it. The reason is that call-to-actions like or click here still get many clicks, however, these are wise CTAs that incorporate keywords and increase conversions.

Does Droping Names Help?

Droping some names, though does not do much for SEO, but is one of the best copywriting practices. This is because mentioning the names of customers, brands, and certifications contributes to establishing trust and gives your organization a credibility boost.

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