22 SEO Tips for Modern Copywriters (Part Two)

Created: May 26th, 2014 (13:39)
22 SEO Tips for Modern Copywriters (Part Two)

9. Use One Keyword per Page

A web copy is considered good if it targets one specific topic per page. In the same way, good SEO explores one main keyword per page. A term with low competition, yet high monthly searches is preferred. This, however, doesn't mean that no other keywords might be used. Still, they should be synonyms, or closely related variations and long tail phrases.

10. Optimizing of Web Copy

Experts advise to use your focal keyword 2 to 5 times (depending on article's length) throughout web copy. Keyword density proved its irrelevance in SEO and content writing, however, over-optimization does matter, so experts advise to keep an eye on the number of times a phrase appears in the article.

11. Use Your Keywords in Headings

This is one of the most important factors in SEO. Every writer must know the rule of putting the main keyword in the heading (also referred as H1 tag). Otherwise, search bots will simply not know what your SEO copy is about? The main thing is to create really good headlines in order to appeal to readers and search engines.

12. What about the Subheadings?

Subheadings (als referred as H2 tags) are used to organize your content, as well as make your articles easy to read. In addition, subheadings provide and opportunity to explain Google and other search engines what your web copy is about. Therefore, SEO experts often use keyword variations (for example, long tail phrases) in 1 to 2 subheadings.

13. Keywords Should be Placed up Top

SEO rules keep changing and improving. Still, noone knows for sure what works and what doesn’t, and there are various opinions on this issue. Experts believe that when primary keywords feature high up in copy (for example, in the first sentence), it it very helpful. Of course, this is unless it is really overdone, which, in turn, affects quality. Otherwise, it surely doesn’t hurt.

14. Start with a Question

One of the best ways to start your blog post or web copy is asking a rhetorical question. The thing is, it evokes curiosity and helps to engage the reader. In fact, this is often the first sentence, so it could be your first too.

15. Apply SEO to Images

Many people underestimate images as an important search engine optimization tool. Of course, blog writers and copywriters use images quite commonly, yet they forget or don't know that they might be optimized for search. Experts advise to use your focal keywords in the files' names (these can be edited before uploading) and alt text. Moreover, captions can assist in lowering the bounce rate.

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