25 Tips for Writing a Novel (Part Four)

Created: May 08th, 2014 (18:37)
25 Tips for Writing a Novel (Part Four)

23. Make It Interesting To The Readers

The secret to success is in variety. It refers to variety in everything, from scenes to characters to moods and settings. A novel is really boring if it’s just one thing. It definitely needs some mixing up. As an example, consider a long car ride, like say eight or ten hours long. Sounds exhausting, doesn’t it? Don’t stay at one place for too long, move forward, make your journey exciting.

24. Follow Your Path

It is true that every author writes a novel in his/her own way, which is unique and unlike all the rest. Each author has his/her own demands in terms of novels they write. Nobody can tell a writer how to write his novel. Every author takes his/her own way and follows the necessary path. The main thing is to have your own voice and be able to exercise it. Writer’s voice is what helps to get through darks times and publish a novel.

25. Writing A Novel That Will Be Published

Frankly speaking, it is not that difficult to write a novel. All one needs to do is just throw some words on paper, one page atop another, until he/she’s got a bunch of these to form a book. Difficulties appear when you want to write a really good novel, a novel that will be published. A novel that readers would like to read and, consequesntly, buy must be an original work, there must be something in it, something about a particular writer, that nobody else has.The writer tells his/her story in a way they want to tell it. This is the way that writers actually learn to write well and clearly, learn their craft and how to develop their voice.

These are the twenty-five things that every writer should consider before figuring out what to write in his/her novel and actually finishing the first draft. Not only will these tips help a writer to become an author of a published novel, but also get a great book deal, and then another one. Of course, it might be incomplete, because there’s always something new to add as the world around us, including readers’ tastes and preferences, keeps changing. This is basics from what the writers could take a good start and move forward in a definite manner. What do you think about it? Are these tips helpful? What could you add to it?  Use comments section to share your thoughts and discuss the points of others. Each and every opinion matters. Go ahead and tell us yours.

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