25 Tips for Writing a Novel (Part Two)

Created: May 05th, 2014 (14:00)
25 Tips for Writing a Novel (Part Two)

9. Know When To Use Team Effort

A novel is a matter of team work. Each writer needs readers, editors, as well as an agent. It goes without saying that quite often writers become the worst judges of their own novels. That is why they need someone to tell them what is real, and what's illusion.

10. Escape Any Kind Of Hate

Readers change their tastes from time to time. Last week they may loved your novel, but this week they hate it already. This is absolutely normal. Get over it. Don't let the hate spoil everything, and don't fell any hate yourself. Never abandon your novel cause of insecurity feelings. It happens that the work you thought is your worst actually turns out to be your best. Don't worry. Just write.

11. Less Talking, More Writing

Eventually, each writer has to just sit down at his desk, focus on the project, travel in his mind to an imaginary world with made-up characters. It may take days, weeks, or even years. That’s just the way it is.

12. Never Abandon Your Writing

Never abandon your novel. Just don’t do it. Sometimes it feels like novel just isn’t working. Hopefully, it doesn't happen often. It's fine. Still, don’t give up without a fight. You put much effort into that work. Break it into parts, take what works in few and apply it other. Sometimes you have to destroy something in order to create something new.

13. You Can Write A Novel Really Fast

Yes, it is hard to write a lot per one day. Hard, but not impossible. You can work really hard and finish your novel in a week or two. Just acknowledge that it will not be very good. At least, not yet, because you can’t write and rewrite that fast.

14. Say Something Important

Reader are going to spend their time with you, give you a few hours of their life. Make sure this time is spent wisely and on value-adding activity. Say something that matters. Make your novel meaningful to you so it can be meaningful to your readers. Bring your heart and passion to it. Don’t simply write. Write about something important. Don't just entertain. You are a storyteller and carry huge responsibility.

15. Give It A Nice Shape

A book page should not look like a cummings poem or a giant wall of text. The shape of each page matters a lot. Maintain a balance. Emptiness and text should play equal parts.

16. Take The Numbers Into Account

The ideal novel usually consists of dialogue, action, and description and exposition. The percentage of each attribute is different. Each writer decides which part to award the major percentage of total to. Still, it is advised to avoid heavy descriptions.


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