4 Tactics to Increase Blog Readership

Created: October 06th, 2014 (12:57)
4 Tactics to Increase Blog Readership

So you’ve checked the statistics, and it says, there's only only reader of your blog, he's from India, and has only viewed your blog once... How worse could this be? There are also few friends and family members who visit your page, but besides that... there's no one to comment, like, share, etc. What to do with a blog that lacks popularity? Is it worth the strugle or should you just forget about it?

Don’t Stop Blogging

Rest is good, but not for a blog. Give it some rest, and soon it'll be dead. Keep producing content and updating your blog, even if no one is reading it at the moment. Remember, just because no one is reading your blog now doesn’t mean people won’t get to it in the future, when it'll be full of useful content. Set this up as your new goal: create a successful blog full of useful tips that carry beneficial knowledge. Build your content, and eventually customers will come.

Use Plenty of Free Content

There's a pool of free content at your fingertips, you're just not aware of it. Think of all of those likes and shares on Facebook, tweets linking your blog, images of your business, and many other forms of online content that is absolutely free.

Always share content you've created via social media sites. Use Facebook comments, Youtube videos, Pinterest images, and others in your content marketing strategy. This will keep the content coming for free to your blog, which is temporarily unread. Moreover, you can even generate content ideas from comments on your blog.

Practice More

They say, practice leads to perfection. Is the same true when it comes to freelance writing and blogging? Indeed, it is. The more you practice, the more confident you get about your blog. Your confidence will appeal to readers through the computer screen and attract more and more people to get to read what you have to say. Now they trust you and start respecting your blog, so they pay it a visit regularly, mention it in casual conversations with their friends, and so on. The thing is that by practicing more, you boost your readership and do it at a much cheaper price than if paying for ads to appear across the web.

Just Keep Posting

If you believe your blog serves some higher purpose and has all chances of growing in the nearest future, then by all means just keep blogging and posting. It might be useful, though, to read some books on blogging and online marketing.

What can you say about your blog? Do you have many readers or you're struggling with the same problem? Share your success stories or issues in the comments below!

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