4 Tips to Create Content That Ranks High

Created: July 30, 2014
4 Tips to Create Content That Ranks High

Creating content is a challenging task. You can draw positive attention for your website with the help of SEO. The right keywords will help you rank higher in search results and get more clicks to see what your content is all about. Still, SEO is only a part of equation. In order for it to work effectively, you should build a flawless website.You can start with hiring a content writer, but what other strategies can be used to make the equation work?

Don’t Create Orphaned Content

Orphaned content serves no useful purpose, it just takes place on your website. The thing is that orphaned webpages do not link to any other page and, therefore, search bots can’t find them. The main purpose is to make every page on your website be useful, not just be there. For this reason, your content should at least include links to other webpages like your main page or a site directory. This will help you to keep important content from being invisible to search engines.

Come Up With Creative Keywords

SEO rule number one states: in order to attention from Google, and othernsearch engines, you need to come up with a keyword rich title. However, don’t do it at the expense of creativity. When trying to fit the keyword into your title, think whether your content title equates with newspaper headline. Ask yourself a question, what kind of headline attracts your attention most when you look through a newspaper? Your title, just like this headline, must teases some unique story. Therefore, the keywords used in it should highlight what is so unique about its content.

Use Descriptive Links

If your goal is attracting someone’s attention when link building, you should make your links jump off the page. Try using descriptive words and phrases to house links, as it compels readers to click on such links. One of the best ways is to ask some question in the link and reveal the answer on the link page, so that people could find it out by clicking. Another way is to use a term in the link that is discussed in content on another page. The more descriptive your links are, the better your content is, as it’s more alive when compared to just linking to basic keywords.

Make Your Website User-Friendly

You can create the best content on the web, but it makes no difference if nobody can actually find it. Improve your website to make it easier for readers to get to actual content. This can be achieved by setting up search boxes that are perfectly visible on the home page. In addition, you can also place a navigation bar and fill it with tabs that are linking to pertinent pages. One of the best ways to enhance your written content is to incorporate some video and audio elements in it. Remember that a user friendly website is better than competitive websites.

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