4 Tips To Make Your Content Get Noticed

Created: January 15, 2015
4 Tips To Make Your Content Get Noticed

No doubt, content marketing is hard work and, with the increasing need for high quality content, the workload of freelance writers is continuously increasing. At the same time, remember that the Internet is full of good content. Plenty of websites are competing for the attention of readers. So, how can content marketers make their content get noticed?

Here are some helpful tips that you should consider:

Write Posts Regularly and Make Content Relevant

It’s not surprise when people lose touch with some renewed friends on LinkedIn or Facebook. The problem is that postings which are too general, and not directed to them personally and exclusively do not develop any relationship. The same principle applies to your target audience: like a perfect machine that always works, any content marketing plan has to be refreshed with new up-to-date content. If you want to keep up readership needs, write relevant posts at least weekly. Monthly posts can result in your audience losing all the interest.

Always Tell The Truth, Online Reviews Will Do Their Job

We are living in the era when service and product rankings made by customers carry much more weight than actual claims made by sellers. Check out the recent statistics and you’ll see that online reviews influence customers’ buying decisions in ninety percent of cases, these are especially negative reviews that count in decision-making.

Use Pics to Increase Readership

Let’s face it, the Internet is allmost entirely a visual medium. You should understand that readers are more prompt to click on articles or blogs that are visually pleasing and use images. Statistics prove that readers like images and when you are not providing them with pics, it costs you a loss in readership.

Use Catchy Headlines That Motivate People To Stay On Your Page

Many content writers claim that a good headline grabs readers’ attention. Some of the greatest examples of headlines are the following:

  • How to …

  • 15 Proofs That …

Freelance writers work hard to research and polish the online content they write. They all admit that headlines are not an easy task; though many seo writers use a trick whereas they write headlines first, and afterwards the content.

Invite Some Guest Bloggers, Though Do It With Caution

Some experts state that guest blogging does not prove to be as efficient as before. There are few simple rules to follow while working with search engines:

Invite authors that have a good ranking with Google Plus. In such a way, Google will know that your guest bloggers are valuable. Remember to make sure that content they write is relevant to your website. It’s good to invite some well-known authorities in the industry you work in.

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