4 Types of Content Each Company Must Have

Created: July 14, 2014
4 Types of Content Each Company Must Have

Every company seeks content that will grab most attention. This kind of content gets many shares on social media and drives website traffic. So what types of content does this best? Read our company blog and find out!

Surveys That Give Some Valuable Insights

A survey is one of the greatest ways to engage people and generate creative and original content at the same time. You can ask your readers and followers several questions that are somehow related to what you do. For example, what motivates them to make a purchase, how do they get inspired or how they deal with problems and stress.

The more people answer, the better. Moreover, you could use the results to generate infographics and write blog posts that explaine the it. Eventually, your efforts will pay off, as your content will attract more and more unique views, many of which will result in successful deals.

Listicles That Promote Your Product/Service

Articles with headings “Top 10…” or “7 Tips…”attract more attention and get read by more people. That is why companies choose to do them and hire bloggers to creates this kind of content regularly. Such posts prove to be successful as they rank higher and get more views, which in turn gives a company good exposure.

Topical Or Mainstream Content

Many bloggers generate some creative and clever content by connecting a brand to pop culture or some positive current.You can offer commentary on almost everything from World Cup to Beyonce. Such content usually makes a connection between current trends and celebrities and the producst/services your company sells.

You’d be surprised to know, but you can find a piece of advice and learn some valuable business lessons from pretty much everything that mainstream culture has to offer. Of course, there are some drawbacks, like a limited shelf life of such posts, but the advantages outweight, as they still attract new and existing clients to your company.

How-To In-Depth Content

No doubt, a 400-word blog post is able to offer readers only that much. That is why, the main task of a blogger is to use it wisely. This can be achieveed by, for example, offering step-by-step instructions on relevant topics that relate to the products/services your company sells. It is true that if a brand creates some valuable content that the readers can use or even take something from, it is very powerful.

Interactive guides can do wonders to your business by increasing the number of readers signing up for the company’s service drastically. Even though the in-depth content takes more time and resources to create, your readers will appreciate all the effort and value it provides. There is plenty information available online that will help you create more useful and unique content for customers.

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