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4 Ways to Improve Creativity and Find Inspiration

Created: March 26th, 2014 (09:27)
4 Ways to Improve Creativity and Find Inspiration

It happens that inspiration fails to flow.In such circumstances, the natural reaction would be to search for ways to evoke the inspiration to write, to rekindle creativity. No doubt, this goal is worth taking much effort to achieve, still there are times when getting insired seems amlost unreachable.

People can work too hard in order to get inspired. Moreover, the very act of trying so hard to force creativity is able to block it still even further, which leaves us frustrated and unproductive. Therefore, to escape this downward spiral, it is of vital importance to understand different types of behavior that are able to reinforce it.

Distraction Promotes Inaction

It is advised to take a break from the creative process from time to time. This is in order to allow your brain relax and breathe.However, the real danger of distraction, is that it can completely pull you far away from the necessary task currently at hand. In many cases, when people loose their train of thought, they feel rather paralyzed.

Don't Rely on Research too Much

People often react to a lack of creativity by read ing more about the subject. No doubt, a solid base of ideas from professionals in the field is helpful when getting things started; still, it is our own understanding that must fuel what we write.Definitely, there is always place for more research to be done, but it is a well known fact that time and deadlines wait for noone. Actually getting to the core has a greater power than another round of research.

Get Rid of Insecurity Feelings

Some people have a tendency to blame themselves for a break in creativity, which is a bad practice that they should get rid off immediately. The thing is that doubt can creep in when some kind of work grinds to a halt, still the only thing it promotes is actually the failure to produce. In such cases, looking back at past projects and achievements is one of the most effective ways to ditch this feeling, as well as reinforce confidence in your underlying abilities that are there, just waiting to be released again.

Don't Focus Too Hard

Staring at the screen often doesn't give you anything else but that same blinking cursor. Many people start feeling guilty when they step away from a piece that proves tough, particularly as a deadline approaches. Just take your time and give yourself a break. Doing the same thing over and over again can drive you crazy and produces no desireble outcome.


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