4 Ways to Improve Your Content Marketing Strategy

Created: Apr 25, 2014
4 Ways to Improve Your Content Marketing Strategy

Business experts will advise you to do all the homework before officially opening your doors. This is excellent way to get yourself organized, anticipating revenues and expenses, as well as ensuring you understand all the necessary information about this new venture. Potential customers, both general public or businesses, are never interested in dry descriptions of distribution channels, product assembly, or inexpensive suppliers.Customers would like to be overwhelmed by your offer, so your marketing strategy must give them this magic feeling.

Here are some basic content marketing tips that will come in handy:

  • Make your message be fast. People's attention span is continuously shrinking. Nowadays, the average attention span is about 8 seconds only. That is why, for an Internet video to be effective, its average length should be 2.7 minutes. At the same time, customers rarely stay on one page for more than 10 minutes. This means that you have to get their attention with the help of content writing in most effective way.
  • Make your message short. For example, Twitter posts top out at 140 characters. Of course, it will not work for lengthy treatises, but is quite good for photos and quick observations about the industry you work in. At the same time, Facebook allows up to 63,206 characters per post, which gives you more space. However, it is important to remeber that it often hides the text that comes after the first few lines, while users are required to click in order to read more.
  • Try using magic words in order to get customers wanting more. Use adjectives in order to create urgency and curiosity. For example, instead of using the adjective “new” use “innovative.” In order to persuade customers that your product is really great, tell customers that it is “cutting-edge” or “exciting.” This is also a good point for recruiting campaign, as it helps to explore the line between sales copy and promotion language.
  • Share expertise of other people. Study social media and news sites regularly to get some industry info. You can also share expert columns from non-competitors on your blog or Facebook, for example, and write a message that you can also help at the top. The same is true with current news about people in your line of work solving a problem – you can share the link and explain what you would do. As long as you provide valuable advice, you will promote yourself in an easy way.
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