5 Tips on how to Make a Person Become Your Client

Created: November 19, 2015
5 Tips on how to Make a Person Become Your Client

Working with people is an art for itself, and the true secret of any business is a virtuoso dealing with people, i.e. clients. In the modern world, when personal meetings have already receded into the background, business writing acquired its utmost importance. Today, only one sheet of paper decides on the success of your venture. You have a few sentences to visualize the concept you offer and convince the ever-seeking customer that his search is over as you are the one!

Client in the Focus

In fact, there is only one ingredient of a tasty business writing – BE PERSUASIVE! The task is clear but don’t let it lead you up the path. What seems so easy, is not such in practice. Be aware of being both too and not convincing enough.

Many would think about business writing as a means of describing the product or service. Basically, it is true. However, neither the product nor service is the main character of the story. A person, a customer, a client, a consumer – choose any word, but it is a human being who will decide on whether to buy or not and, thus, should be considered first while preparing your writing.

It is all about making the reader get into right thinking, setting the tone, and gently leading along the right path. Even though businesses differ and much more customers do, there are some most general tips on how to convince a person to become your client.

Here are the five tips to help you:

  1. Ask a Question. If you open your writing with a question, you will immediately engage the reader in a virtual conversation; thus, he will continue reading, and it is right what you need.
  2. Show your Human Side. Instead of writing an encyclopedic entry, share your experience or personal feelings. It is so simple – people like to converse and chat, rather than to be taught. So show them that you want to talk and care about them.
  3. Employ Empathy. If you simply list the benefits of your product, a person will fill like having read an advertisement. Is it good? No, you will fail! No one likes commercials as they are generally considered the tools of manipulation if not deception. Instead, open your vulnerable side a little bit. Make readers empathize with you so they want to continue reading.
  4. Provide Proofs. You should back up every word with some proofs. Empty words, even the most sophisticated ones would mean nothing but a failure of your writing and your business. Moreover, it is always better to use a recommendation from the outside: show a reader what others think of your product, rather than praise yourself. ‘No’ to self-admiration; ‘Yes’ to social proof!
  5. The Triple Power. Three is the magic number. In your writing, provide the core message for three times, at least. Do not repeat the same. No! no! no! Use different variations, for example, a story, quotes, analogy, and restate. Be creative and make your point.

Of course, you should practice to become successful. But what to do if you need a copy here and now? You can try Writology and join those who have already chosen the service for a quality and timely business writing assistance. Professional writers will make sure that your message hits the hearts. Enjoy our benefits and yummy prices.

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