7 Ways to Generate More Comments For Your Blog

Created: Apr 07, 2014
7 Ways to Generate More Comments For Your Blog
  1. Good old-fashioned ways. The most important thing to remember is that these are real people who comment your posts. Use any opportunity to make in-person connections, make sure to indicate your blog URL on your business cards that you give to people you meet. There is a high likeability that they will visit your blog and leave a comment. Another way to get more comments is start cooperating with several other new bloggers, in order to comment on each others’ blogs to make them more popular.

  2. Share great headlines in social media. It is of essential importance to learn how to write headlines that are really great and contain some obvious benefits, like explaining who should read the post and why. In this case, when sharing such headlines on Facebook or Twitter, more people will click and join.

  3. Provide useful information — but know your limits. One of the most common mistakes bloggers make is writing their blog posts in an utterly comprehensive manner. They can go on and on, which often leaves no room for any further questions, and for readers to provide their own opinion in comments. Bloggers must find the golden mean — providing great value, but leaving enough room for more information to write in the comments.

  4. Make an active request for comments. One of the most definite ways to get more comments is to end your posts with a question that readers may discuss in comments.Such an approach encourages people to leave comments, which later develops into a habit. Even shy readers can finally jump in if they are directly invited to comment.

  5. Offer a controversial issue for discussion. Find out what big issues are there within your particular blog niche — and keep writing about them. The thing is that people really love to debate, in our case — in the comments. Studies demonstrate that the posts that have the longest comment threads, are usually on hot topics that are rather controvertial.

  6. Don't be afraid of appearing too negative. People used to think that the more positive and peaceful a headline is the better. However, statistics demonstrate that these are, in fact, negative headlines that get more engagement and, consequently, more traffic. Still, try to not overuse such practice, as it is not necessary to take the dark side angle all the time, just sometimes would be quite enough.

  7. Offer a contest. If getting the first comments from your readers seems like a great trouble, consider bribing them. Create a poll and offer prizes for people who make the most interesting responses. Even if this prise does not seem to have a great value at first sight, that could be a free e-book that costs $2.99, or perhaps an opportunity to guest post, people will compete, you'll see.

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