A Short Guide To Content Distribution

Created: December 2, 2014
A Short Guide To Content Distribution

What Does Content Distribution Refer To?

Writing high quality content is only the first step towards success. One of the main tasks is to get it in front of the interested people. Distribution, therefore, refers to the channels you can use in order to spread your online content as much as possible. Social media platforms are very helpful in doing so.

What Are The Best Content Distribution Methods?

There is no single correct answer as to what is the best content distribution method. This is highly individualized and based on where your target audience is. Start with looking at your customers and doing research on what social media platforms they are using on a regular basis. Your main goal is to make the online content relevant to potential and current customers who see it. For example, if you want to reach to professional people, you should post on LinkedIn. If you seek a more casual conversation, or wish to reach your target audience after working hours, you should use Facebook.

Different people prefer different social media platforms, but you should always focus on making the online content as well as distribution channels relevant to people who are likely to buy your product. It would be beneficial if every post you make will also have social share buttons. This way, your readers will easily share your web content with their own followers.

Remember, that your social media profiles give you an excellent opportunity to connect with your customers. However, it is highly recommended by industry leaders to spend most of the time (80 percent) for offering your readers some valuable information, while only a small part (about 20 percent) should be dedicated to talking about themselves. This ratio helps to develop healthy relationships with your current and potential customers, which, in turn, can assist you in cultivating that desired trust.

How Can You Check The Results?

First of all, look at information like: the number of visitors and leads, how different subjects, authors, and content formats fare. This data gives a clear picture about what your potential customers respond to and how you should develop and distribute online content for them further.

What is important to understand is that distribution makes your content relevant. Therefore, you can get it in front of the audience that is most likely to find it valuable, and do it on the social media platforms where they are regularly interacting. So your main task is to develop some strong distribution methods and start enjoying the value of your web content begin to really boost.

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