Album Review Saints& Sinners Whitesnake

Created: May 9, 2019

Saints& Sinners was first released in 1982 and featured a new line up.

Drummer Ian Paice had left and was replaced by the legendary Cozy Powell. Further changes to the group were afoot as guitarist Bernie Marsden had already stated that Saints& Sinners would be the last album he would record with Whitesnake before making solo albums.

Marsden had decided it was time for a change even though it meant breaking up his partnership with Micky Moody. The guitar playing from Marsden and Moody was still up to its usual high standards whilst Powell’s drumming made the group sound heavier than before. David Coverdale’s powerful vocals were also of the highest quality.

This record features fine tunes including Saints & Sinners, Rough & Ready, Blood Luxury, and Dancing Girls. It also included two tracks that would have revamped versions for the multi-million selling Whitesnake 1987 album, Crying in the Rain and Here I Go Again. Coverdale had written the latter to describe the emotions resulting from divorcing his first wife.

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