Alternative Treatments for Acne

Created: Aug 27, 2017
Alternative Treatments for Acne

It is impossible to know the actual number of people who suffer from acne. But the sales for acne medications continues to rise, and this points to the fact that the number of people dealing with acne outbreaks is increasing.

What causes acne? Primarily, acne is caused by the clogging of natural oils created by the skin. The clogging of oil begins with a certain type of bacteria. The majority of medications and lotions on the market today for acne focus more on eliminating the scars. What this indicates is that the bacteria that generates the acne is still there. This simple reality has led to people searching for alternative remedies for acne.

Most alternative acne treatments primarily try to get rid of the bacteria that causes acne. One of the biggest reasons to try an alternative acne treatment is that they are essentially free of side effects. There are a few herbal treatments that have shown to treat and cure acne in some cases. One of these herbal combinations is a paste comprised of basil leaves and sandalwood. A second alternative acne treatment gaining in popularity is applying a strawberry leaf paste.

The above aren't the only herbal treatments out there that can do a good job of healing acne. Since one of the main reasons acne occurs is a lack of certain vitamins necessary for proper skin health--Vitamin A, Vitamin E and Pantothenic Acid--eating fruits and vegetables and taking big doses of vitamin tablets can help.

Naturopathy has a variety of cures for acne. Skin cleansers, herbs, and vitamins are a few of these. Alternative acne treatments have another advantage over traditional treatments. They are less expensive. Acne light treatment is a new alternative. Ultraviolet rays are used to eliminate the acne. Alternative forms of acne treatment need 100% commitment from the patient. Not all traditional methods of treating acne require strict adherence to the plan, but the use of alternative treatments do.

It can't be stressed enough that one should consult a medical professional before choosing to use an alternative treatment for acne.

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