Become Successful Blogger? You Can Manage It!

Created: April 2, 2014
Become Successful Blogger? You Can Manage It!

Discover Your Voice

Every writer has a voice. This is his main instrument of attracting more readers to his blog. However, not everyone knows how to utilize his voice best. Bloggers often focus too much on the information they are providing or the technical aspects of their writing, but not on how they’re saying it. It’s extremely important for bloggers to say what they want to say how they want to say it.

The Main Goal is…

Not popularity, and you probably know that already. Still, everything is subjected to measuraments, and when it comes to blog writing, an increasing number of readers is a clear indicator you’re on the right path. In case readership is not growing, but the content you provide is 100% beneficial, you should consider your voice. Blogers must discover, hone and use their voices in their writing.

Keep Developing Your Skills

Take writing courses, or work on your voice on your own. This may be improved by simply writing every day. You should write as naturally as possible. That is why the first draft is often the most important, because many writers just don’t expect it to be actually used. This, in turn, helps to write without overthinking. Have as many drafts as you wish, just make sure that your readers can still find you in this writing, even after all the editing. While there is pretty much same content on multiple blogs, this is writer’s voice that makes it different from all the rest. Always remember that your blog is, first of all, about you and readers will come back to it again because of you.

Here are several most important tips for freelance bloggers to consider:

  • It often takes much time to build a readership, therefore, it can take longer than expected. The main thing is never give up.
  • It is absolutely okay to fail sometimes, what really matters is getting back up and trying again. Try, fail, try again, try harder.
  • It’s better to make fewer posts per week, but let these posts be of high quality, rather than posting entries that are of lower quality daily.
  • Blog entries must be engaging and encourage readers to comment on them. It sounds easy at least at first steps, but the main task is to maintain it as the readership grows.
  • It’s okay to write about failures because we all are human beings, each dealing with their own issues.
  • For the same reason, always write about your achievements.
  • Freelance blogger must be positive and constructive, even when it comes to talking about failures.
  • Freelance blogger should always be open to improvement. While being one’s own critic is important, still, you should be on the side of those who support you.
  • Moreover, you should be your own number one supporter.
  • Your writing should sound confident even if there is no much confidence in you yet.
  • Do not hesitate and add some humor to your writing. Make your readers smile.
  • Be yourself, ‘cause you are awesome.
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