Best Content Marketing Trends in 2015

Created: Feb 04, 2015
Best Content Marketing Trends in 2015

It’s 2015 now, and improving the content marketing strategy is currently at the top priorities list of every company. This year is quite promising. Let's refer to statistics, 69% of companies are producing more online content than last year, and 59% have actually increased their budget for content marketing. At the same time, many organizations are still trying to find their way, and are not sure which content works best for them.They still do a poor job when it comes to measuring how effective their marketing is.

Five best content strategy trends for 2015:

  1. The role of social media in content distribution will increase and become even more important. Who could've thought that social media can actually be more used as a marketing tool? Well, 2015 is quite promising in this regard. There is especially great emphasis on promoted posts, paid advertising, as well as new social platforms. Now marketers have even more exciting opportunities to invest their time in.
  2. What about the personalized content? It will increase as well. Think about designing your online content based on individual location, time online, preferences, and even devices used. Not only it increases engagement, but also gives you an advantage, as this strategy is highly underused. Even though, it remains a complicated process, that requires a big amount of resources, you should use it, while also looking for new automated solutions that may appear fairly soon.
  3. The value of hyperlocal content will also increase and be more in demand. Don't know what a term hyperlocal means? It's simply a content that is written by somebody who lives in the general vicinity of the company being promoted and marketed. To put it simply, think about plumbers, restaurants, car dealerships, and other businesses that are looking for local talented content creators to write for them. This is quite logical, and search engines like it too.
  4. That's not all, multimedia content will be important as ever. Think about how easy that is nowadays — to create photographic content, videos, podcasts, and infographics, and how effective they are. Multimedia is definitely one of the hottest trends this year.
  5. Finally, content marketing measurement software is of high demand and great importance in 2015! No wonder, measuring how content marketing strategy is working for them is one of the biggest problems being reported by businesses. The problem is, only about 21% of companies report success when it comes to tracking results, while 15% do not even bother trying any. It creates a major problem, so it is highly recommendable to look for software developers that are willing to create new solutions in 2015.
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