Socializing While Developing Business Networks. How Simple Is That?

Created: March 4, 2015
Socializing While Developing Business Networks. How Simple Is That?

Marketing strategies that work with direct selling in your neighborhood may not seem quite as good when it comes to online businesses.

The thing is, your posts on Facebook or Tweeter where you talk only about business can get old as well as boring super fast.

Social networking may be compared to a party, where different people gather to discuss the issues and ideas and, express their opinion on how it all should be.

It goes without saying that you must have outstanding social skills to participate in as many conversations as possible. Some of the most skillful marketers can jump in anywhere, and their actual knowledge of a subject won’t matter. Everyone has his/her own opinion, so it’s just natural.

You never know whose opinion will become vital in your decision-making these days. Though, let’s put it clear, a guy who keeps talking about his business almost non-stop is one of the most horrible conversational partners you can face. While there might be some people who are interested in his product, most of them are probably not. It’s much better, though, if it comes up in a more natural conversation, as an opportunity to tell people about your work. But if that’s all that guy can talk about, quite soon, he’ll be blocked or un-friended.

In general, a 10 to 1 ratio is recommended to be used, where 10 stands for non-business posts and 1 for business-related posts. The same applies to your business Twitter or Facebook pages.

To put it simply, on business pages you can share posts about anything, but actually trying to sell only that often.

This is not as complicated as it sounds. Moreover, you even get a chance to spotlight your company without a sales pitch. Say, you’re a hotel, show off your new piece of art in the lobby. Talk about an employee of the month and what he/she does. Mention your loyal customers. Chat about the local attractions and other most common conversation topics. Finally, give something away – people love discounts and special offers!

Once you see that people get more comfortable, tell them about what is it that you sell, and make them an offer they could not resist.

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