Can One Combine a Full-Time Job with Freelance Work?

Created: June 13, 2014
Can One Combine a Full-Time Job with Freelance Work?

It’s difficult to imagine anything that’s more stressful than than having a full time job, being a mom, doing your household chores, and also working as a freelancer. This is because you often have to be productive after your chores are done and kids go to bed. You’d be surprised to know how many people actually live like that. Still, it’s better than, say, working the night shift at a supermarket.

To some degree, every freelance writer has his/her own personal circumstances that are worth paying attention to. Children and spouses make it tough to find some quiet time and work. This is especially true considering the fact that many people assume that writers don’t have a “real job”. Doesn’t matter whether we work during the day or not, we’re all the same when it comes to having hard time to find time to get everything done.

In majority of cases, freelance writers get paid by the word. Still, there is an issue about compensation for the time freelance writers spend for dealing with customers and keeping track of numerous e-mails. This is in addition to time spent away from children, spouses and friends.

The nature of freelance work means that dealing with work-related duties often takes much time, and these are hours when freelancers are not working. For someone who’s working full-time during the day that can be too much to handle. One person simply cannot be in few places in one time. In result, many people who work full-time start working even harder in order to make up for the limited resources they can commit to the job.

Considering that there is a lot of time pressure, it becomes extremely tempting to write while at work. At first sight, it makes sense. Employees often take time to check their personal emails and messages or simply browse the Web, and never find themselves in trouble. Why not use this time to write an article? The answer is simple. It’s a very slippery slope. You may simply not get an opportunity to write or make a revision, because you’ll be busy at your current work. In such a way, you could easly end up missing your deadlines and loosing customers. This is in addition to the fact that it can have a bad impact on your full time job. To put it simple, this isn’t a risk that’s really worth taking.

In the end, there’s no need to feel sorry for people who strive to manage their time while working on two jobs. This is the path they’ve chosen, even if it creates some unpleasant circumstances. We all have our obligations to meet and hardships to overcome. There’s no point in debating which side is better, let’s just tolerate our differences and learn some lessons from each other in order for us all to become better at what we do.

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