Don't Know What to Write about? Write about Your Life Experiences

Created: Jun 18, 2014
Don"t Know What to Write about? Write about Your Life Experiences

Each of us has some untapped skills that we can write about. Here are some possible areas of life you could think about in order to make sure that your areas of expertise are taken advantage of.

  • Money – All people are alike when it comes to money issues, so you could well write about saving money. This doesn't necessarily has to be a coupon-pro blog. There are many interesting topics worth researching. For example, people will find it useful to read more about home and car repairs, or car insurance, as well as increasing the energy efficiency as this will help them to save on paying the bills.

  • Relationships – No doubt, everyone has something to say about this topic. Your article could discuss any type of relationships, that is spouses, parents and children, friends, etc. Did you recently have a divorce? Are you a mother of five? Have you been married for twenty years? Are you a fabulous parent? Have you dealt with elder care issues with your aging parents? How do you get along with your in-law ones? Do you know how to deal with teenage kids? That's sad to acknowledge, but many people don't know how to develop and maintain healthy relationships, so they may be in need of your advice. Who knows, maybe you'll help to save a marriage and your readers will thank you for it one day.

  • Health – Unfortunately, at some point in life all of us are faced with health issues. People who are cancer survivers or those who lost their close ones due to a bad diagnosis have a lot to share with others. In addition, many people spend a lifetime wearing glasses or contact lenses, so they can give advice to first time users.
  • Odd Things – Maybe you own a farm, so you can write agricultural articles or share tips on how to milk cows. Some could have a passion for dying hair, shopping for weird accesoires, everyone can be able to find his/her niche.

Whatever you have experienced in your life, wherever you've been to, you can use it to inspire yourself for some writing.

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