Engage Your Clients via Social Media – Get Higher Returns

Created: April 14, 2014
Engage Your Clients via Social Media - Get Higher Returns

In recent years, social media websites have grown as one of the most reliable ways to reach clients, especially Millennials, and even Baby Boomers. Companies like Facebook offer businesses a great opportunity to get feedback from their clients directly. This means that businesses can market to customers through their accounts, as well find new followers if they click the “like” button on particular business page.

However, this form of marketing, just like any other, has its drawbacks. In this case, this is a number of followers, which often gives an overestimated sense of marketing success. The thing is, it is extremely easy to get more followers on sites like Facebook. What you should do is advertise your page, and it will build more likes. The same strategy is applicable at many similar sites like Google+, Twitter, Instagram, and others.

There is also another important issue related to the number of followers. On your social media page, you post pictures, videos, as well as write posts to catch readers’ attention and attract it to your business. Still, this doesn’t guarantee that if you have, for example, 400 Facebook followers, all those people will actually see your posts. In fact, many of them will not. Facebook operates in such a way that each post is visible to only a part of your followers. In addition, people obviously cannot be online 24/7. In such a way, there is no doubt that your followers do not see all of your posts, and therefore, they do not get the full effect of numerous marketing efforts you’ve made.

It is important for businesses to understand that the social aspect is the key to social media sites. If you want your marketing strategy to work on a social media site, you should find ways to make people actively engaged with your marketing. Businesses must find the right combination of marketing styles and followers in order to create a viral effect that is able to will boost their reach.

In order to discover what strategy is likely to work with your customers, you should try several techniques and see which ones produce the best results. Most of them are rather easy to implement. For example:

  • Contests– It’s in peoples’ nature to always like to win something, they just like to get things for free. You can use contests to give away some products, services or gift cards related to your company. The contest must encourage customers to visit your website, like your social media page, as well as interact with it.
  • Surveys–get some feedback from your clients with the help of a questionnaire or survey. You should offer incentives in order to get more responses. It can be some credit on your company’s website.
  • Coupons– People love saving money. Use this to engage clients and encourage them to visit your page on a regular basis.
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