Google+: What’s in It for A Small Business?

Created: September 29, 2014
Google+: What's in It for A Small Business?

Every business, no matter big or small, can benefit from creating a Google+ profile. Connect with other businesses in your industry and relevant people who might just need your services to take full advantage of this social media platform.

Best Branding Ever

When you work on establishing your brand, incorporating Google+ within your content marketing plan should be one of the primary tasks. The thing is that when you create a business profile on Google+, you get a chance to associate your company’s name with today’s most popular and biggest search engine. Keep in mind that Google will eventually pay you back for using its services.

It’s User-Friendly

If you own a small business, you most likely don’t have the resources and funds to create your own website. One of the greatest things about having a Google+ profile is that your company can actually use it as its webpage. You can show customers the products and demonstrate services that you’re selling, display contact information, as well as incorporate any online content you wish to appear on your Google+ profile.

You Get Increased Exposure on Google

Web crawlers treat the postings on Google+ in the same way as blogs, websites, and other types of online content. What’s in it for you? Well, every time you post something on Google+, you increase customer awareness on Google search engine, the world’s most widely used one. Moreover, when your Google+ posts show up on SERPs and someone clicks on them, he/she will be directly taken to your page (business profile). In such a way, they can learn a lot more about who you are and what you do.

You Can Easily Receive Customer Feedback

Staying in touch and engaging your customers is one of the most important tasks of a small business owner, because it proves that you actually care about them. This is especially helpful in transforming you current and and prospective customers into repeat ones. Google+ platform is one of the easiest ways to communicate with them. You can choose comments, Hangouts, instant messaging, emails and much more to quickly address your customers’ inquiries.

Effective Way to Network with Relevant Businesses

You can join various communities on Google+, which allows you connecting with other businesses, including your competitors. Moreover, you can also join communities where you can offer your services to people in need of those. For example, if you sell books in foreign languages, you’d want to join communities that are comprised of people who speak those languages. Therefore, the information you provide them with might be of interest to them. And some of them may even contact you with a request to get one.

What do you think about Google+? Has it helped your business? Got any useful tips? Share them in comments!

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