How To Find The Ideal Writer For Your Web Content?

Created: Oct 08, 2014
How To Find The Ideal Writer For Your Web Content?

Many companies choose to outsource their content writing operations so that they can choose freelance writers for niche-specific assignments. This principle works well for writers too, as they can pick projects that they are qualified to work on. When trying to find the ideal writer for your business, take into consideration the following criteria:

  • Determine, how adaptible the writer is: Content writing includes a wide range of different styles and techniques. A good freelance writer can always adapt his/her style and tone to your demands including both short and long pieces, blog posts, product descriptions, and other forms of online content. However, it is important to understand that not every freelancer is able to produce every type of writing, but if he/she can work on multiple types of assignments, he/she might not be the right fit.

  • Make sure a writer has a good personality: No doubt, it is much more effective and simply easier to work with a person who's both pleasant and cooperative.

  • Check his/her formatting skills: An experienced content writer already knows how to write articles for the web, make texts visually engaging, and use SEO, links, and similar Internet tools.

  • Become familiar with his/her voice: If your online content requires a distinctive voice, ask a writer to share some pieces of his/her previous works during the interview. You may be asked to pay for it, though.

  • Be clear during the interview: explain the writer what type of work you need. You may test their skills through a writing assignment, read some of their writing samples, examine their knowledge in technical writing, link building, using tags, etc.

Good luck with finding a writer to work on your online content! You may always check our writers' database for a suitable match or contact our support team for help.

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