How to Get Cheap Content?

Created: November 22, 2016
How to Get Cheap Content?

More and more companies start doing business online today. They understand that people spend tremendous amount of time in social networks or just surfing the web, and ignoring this fact won’t get them very far in the context of reaching new audiences. So many companies chose to create their websites to become more accessible to those who spend a lot of time online. However, if you want to promote specific products/services online successfully, a great deal of authentic high quality content must be obtained on a regular basis. The point is, the custom writing services aren’t cheap, and by far not all companies can afford paying for that. Does it mean that most small business won’t be able to compete with big players on the online market? It could have been that way but, luckily for start-ups, there are some tricks how you can cut the cost of purchasing custom written content if you don’t have your own writers or enough money to pay for writing services on a regular basis.

Rewriting Services

Article rewriting service can be a good alternative for those who look to cut costs on purchasing custom written content online. You may have never thought about this before but ordering a rewriting service is usually cheaper than ordering content to be written from scratch. So if you need cheap content writers, this could be a good option. Obviously, it would require more efforts on your behalf. First of all, there are fewer companies offering this kind of services, so you will likely spend more time on looking for a good text rewriter online. Secondly, you also have to find a text to be rewritten – this often takes a lot of time since the quality and relevancy of text matter a lot here. These are two problems we are going to address below in order to help small businesses successfully get cheap content.

Where do you find rewriting services?

Most of the reputable writing companies out there have multiple types of services they offer. Rewriting option is usually one of those types. So if you have ever ordered content from an online agency, it is likely you could find a rewriting option there as well. The only difference is the type of service you should choose. If, for some reason, such option is unavailable, you can always turn to freelance platforms, like Elance. They have an extensive database of rewriters who will be more than willing to provide their services at a reasonable fee. Writology, a freelance writing platform, is another good place where people can find an article rewriting service (either from a Writology team or from one of the freelancers). Lastly, you can just enter “article rewriter online” in the google search tab and see the options available to you.

Finding a text to be rewritten.

Cutting costs is a great thing for small businesses, but what about the availability of texts to be rewritten? Well, this is no brainer really as there are so many resources offering good articles on various topics that it shouldn’t be a problem at all. So all you have to do is to find several article databases and libraries that contain relevant for your industry texts and learn how to search for the content you need. Besides, your competitors will likely be writing similar articles – something you can use as a raw material to be rewritten. Make sure though you choose only quality content to succeed in the long run. Add your own rewrite requirements and instructions and you will have a cheap content for your website.


Despite the fact that rewriting services require more of your time and efforts, the result you get is pretty much the same. By choosing to work with experienced rewriters you can significantly cut costs of your blog maintenance as well as your entire website if you plan to regularly share information there.

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