How to Link Content Marketing Strategy to Social Media Websites

Created: July 9, 2014
How to Link Content Marketing Strategy to Social Media Websites

Ask Bloggers to Write Product Reviews

This is one of the basic things you can do to link social media and content strategies, still it often becomes a challenging task for marketers who find it really tricky. Thanks God, many bloggers are more than willing to test your products and write some positive and/or critical reviews. Once such a post is up, you can share a link via social media websites to get more attention to it.

For example, a blogger might say that your product has really helped him/her a lot. Once he/she has pubplished a product review, you can send a tweet out to your followers. The tweet should include a link to the post while the blogger’s followers also contribute to the general audience. In such a way, both you and the blogger you’ve hired enjoy a SEO boost, which is a win-win game, and everyone’s happy. In addition to a great search engine optimization exchange, a blogger’s review is a substitute to a friend referring a customer, which adds even more value to your business.

Run A Contest

A lot of businesses do online contests or the so-called giveaways in order to boos performance on social media. In fact, you can connects your giveaways to several marketing channels for better results.

You can choose when to host a giveaway — weekly, monthly, etc — and establish a friendly relationship with your customers by marketing the promotion on every channel you can. Of course, you can change the message so it doesn’t repeat all over, but still makes it cross-promoting.

For example, when a gift card giveaway is mentioned on Facebook, Google+ and Twitter, and a customer clicks on this post, he/she’s taken to sign up for the company’s blog. This means the promotion touches at least four marketing platforms.

Add Some Eye Catchy Images

Content marketing is much more than a wisely-crafted email. Never underestimate the power of visual materials. Considering the fact that each day thousands of people are faced with tons of information, so it’s no wonder that many customers are attracted to simple graphics that are easy-to-read graphics.

Create some original graphics for your marketing content and use it on your social media sites. For example, when you write a blog post, add some graphic to it for promotion purposes. The graphic can further be used everywhere this post will be mentioned.

No matter how successful your content marketing strategy is, your efforts probably wouldn’t pay back as much as they could if you don’t spread the message on social media. Content marketing is closely related to social media, this is a marriage between equal partners. Each marketing tool brings some benefits, but together, they’re able to change the world.

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