How to Maintain a Healthy Writer-Customer Relationship

Created: September 10, 2014
How to Maintain a Healthy Writer-Customer Relationship

Hiring writers to create content and promote your brand requires finding someone whose skills set aligns perfectly with your goals and needs. Here are some tips which will help you to run things smoothly and efficiently.

Provide Clear Instructions

As in any business relationship, communication is key to success. When you hire a freelance writer, try to provide as much information as you can about your project and what exactly you need. Include links to your website, as well as links to pages and posts that capture the style you want to use in your project. The more information you provide to the writer in the requirements, the greater the chances that the final result is what you wanted it to be.

Be Open to Communication

Quite often, freelance writers will ask you questions about a project or need some clarifications. Therefore, it may take a bit of back and forth before everyone is on the same track. It’s absolutely normal.

Moreover, as you develop relationships with freelancers whose works you like, you’ll find out that each new project takes less time and goes more smoothly. Isn’t that what you’ve been striving for?

Give More Praise

No doubt, writers are constantly seeking praise. Give high ratings and send positive comments and writers are going to love you. Why is this advantageous for you? Because happy writers usually complete your projects more quickly, do their job with much more enthusiasm, and therefore, create the best content. If you follow this path, you’ll discover that freelance writers are quite often willing to pay extra effort for customers who they consider easygoing and nice to work with.

Ask for Revisions When Necessary

If some part of a project isn’t quite what you asked for, do not hesitate to send it back asking for revision and providing some notes. Freelance writers can’t read your mind, so it can take some time to get down the format, tone, and all the details you need. It’s much better to have a freelance writer pay a bit extra effort than for you to get a project that you are unsatisfied with. The trick is, writers know that happy customers come back; therefore, they do everything they can to develop positive working relationships.

It takes time and effort on both the customer and writer sides to understand the needs of one another. The most important thing is to keep up communication and work with freelance writers whose skills and works exceed your expectations. This way your marketing efforts will feel effort-free.

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