How to Study Faster?

Created: August 6, 2015
How to Study Faster?

How much time a week do you usually spend on studying? And how much time do you have to study to actually get good grades? It definitely takes – or should have been taking – too much time. Why to spend more if you can spend less? Below you will find some simple tips that can help you study much faster.

Are you ready to Study?

“Studying is a tedious and very time consuming process”. Well, I agree with a tedious part, to some extent, but why should it necessarily be so time consuming? Maybe we just do it in the wrong way? Let’s check.

How do you get ready to a studying process? Yes, you do have to prepare your body to studying:

Have you had enough sleep?

First of all, you should have a good sleep. Your brain needs a good rest to be capable of absorbing new information in a faster way. And coffee is not the best solution in this situation. So, instead of cramming at night, just make a cup of hot milk and sleep at least for a couple of hours. Ideally, you should have eight hours of quality sleep as exactly this amount is recommended for an average adult. You need to ‘recharge’ before getting ‘charged’ with knowledge.

Are you hungry for knowledge or just hungry?

It is very difficult to focus on studying when all you can think of is food. You may not even fully realize that you need to eat, but your body will surely not allow you to concentrate if one of its main physiological needs – the need in nutrients – is not fully satisfied. Yet, you should keep in mind that, if you want to learn faster, it is better to consume healthy food while studying. Junk food can only make your stomach full, but it will not actually enrich the body with the necessary minerals and vitamins.

Are you fit enough to study?

Another interesting fact is that exercising actually helps students study faster and better. It was found that light physical exercise positively impacts the studying process. Students are usually forced to sit still while studying, but it is actually not always beneficial. If we stay in the same position for too long, we get tired faster not only in a physical sense but in an emotional one as well. So, try walking around or stretching while studying, this will keep you focused and alert.

Keep your Brain in Tonus

An ability to study faster can be trained. If you want to be able to quickly memorize new information, you will have to train your brain to do that. You can do the following:

  1. Try remembering scenes and things you see every day and then write them down or retell them your friends or family members with as many details as possible.
  2. Try doing something new and repeat that over and over again. This way you will train your brain to build new neural pathways in a faster way, which will improve your memory.
  3. Try learning something new every day, and not only what you have to, but also what you find just curious. You can learn how to cook or learn a new language, for example. This will open you a new way of thinking and will involve other brain centers.
  4. Try using special applications and programs designed to improve our learning capacities. There are plenty of them over the Internet. You can sit on your coach, solve some interesting puzzles or mysteries on your phone, and become smarter at the same time.

Have to Study for an Exam? Get it done Faster!

Now when you know how to get ready to studying and how to train your brain, we will give you several tips on how to actually turn the studying process in a faster and more enjoyable experience.

Act it out instead of just Reading

Well, yes, you might attract unwanted attention from your family or roommates and might even look crazy, but they will surely understand, especially if you explain them why you are doing it. According to the research, the information which is spoken out loud can be learnt 50% better than the information that is just read. And if you do not just speak it out but act it out, you will have some fun during studying.

Play the Role of a Teacher

The best way to understand and memorize the material is to try to explain it to others. Indeed, only if you are trying to rethink, rephrase, and present the information studied to others, you actually grasp and learn it better. If there is no one around, or if you are too shy, you can pass on your knowledge to some pets or even inanimate objects. The main figure here is not the audience but the presenter.

Draw Pictures or Diagrams

Drawing is an especially useful tool for creative learners. When you are trying to represent some information in a picture or diagram, you visualize it. This visualization helps to create a visual image, which you can remember faster and then recall at the necessary moment (at an exam, for example).

Motivate Yourself to Study Faster

There are many ways students can motivate themselves to study. You can set some goals and make some promises, etc. However, most of this involves a far-fetched perspective, which needs to be reminded about and which can fade away from time to time. Not all people can keep an ultimate aim in focus all the time. If you are one of those who want to get something right now, even if it is something smaller and not just have something ‘on the horizon’ even if it something bigger, then you definitely need to design a special rewarding system. For example, for every studied page, you can treat yourself with a Gummy bear.

Don’t be Afraid to Find New Ways to Learn

For some reason, studying is associated only with sitting in a pile of books or, as it is more common these days, in front of a PC or a laptop. But studying shouldn’t be only like that. Why not to experiment with new ways of studying? You can watch an interesting documentary movie or take an interview from a person specializing in your field of study. You can have fun and study meanwhile. There are plenty of different games created by qualified professors with an aimed to teach students. In fact, a person learns much faster if he/she is happy and involved.

Thus, if you at least try out all the above mentioned, you will be pleasantly surprised that studying can take much less time. What is more, apart from learning faster, you will be able to make the studying process more enjoyable.

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