Increase Your Traffic by Approaching Mothers

Created: July 2, 2014
Increase Your Traffic by Approaching Mothers

It is a proven fact that mothers enjoy reading blog posts and/or browsing social media websites when they do get a break. Informative, humorous, and even sentimental blogs are one of the best way to address and actually reach this market – people who read in order to enrich their knowledge and discover new perspectives.

Add Some Humor to Your Blog

Humor always helps, even in most desperate situations and with most serious subjects. Humor plays a great role in spreading the word. Women who have children enjoy posts that make them smile or even laugh. Considering the fact that their regular day is packed with numerous child-related duties and obligations, many moms use blog posts as a respite. No wonder, after a battle with the stains on a new T-shirt of a two-year-old or a discovery of the new painting the 4-year-old made on a wall, mothers often need a chance to relax.

A new blog post on your latest product or service is just not going to cut it here.

  • Include relatable references which are true and ridiculous at the same time.

  • Some nostalgic humor can contribute to generating more sales due to emotional ties customers make.

  • Whenever kids are involved, a story is sure to get more attention. After all, there are no ugly babies.

  • Include funny pics on mom-related topics in your social media or blog posts.

Write on Popular Topics

It’s a fact that being a mom is tough work. Moreover, it’s a 24-7 job that you don’t get paid for. Sure, certain moments make it all worth the sacrifise, therefore, reaching out to women with children is about making their life easier.

Blog posts which provide tips for common problems are one of the greatest ways to increase your traffic. Moms are really into solutions to the problems that arise on a daily basis, so giving them answers to their questions will make your company blog rank high. There is plenty of great subjects for these kinds of purposes. Choosing the right one depends on your company and what is it that you do:

  • Cleaning and/or chore tips

  • Ideas and solutions on how to organize stuff

  • Child health, common diseases and their treatment

  • DIY crafts

  • Fitness and sports to stay in fit

  • Gardening and/or home décor

  • Pet care

  • Cooking recipes and ideas

  • Ideas of presents

  • Shopping tips and good deals

Adapt Your Services and Products

A company blog should consider the motherload of their readers. Let’s face it, nearly every industry is somehow connected to these women with children. Therefore, irrespective of who your target market is, you should always keep mothers sin mind and some of your blog posts should be written solely for them.

Hire a writer who can easily identify with the mothers you will reach. A freelance blog writer should be able to match your company voice and write in your spirit without missing a beat.

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