Created: June 16, 2020


Apple products have gained popularity all over the world because of their superior quality. The apple company is yet to launch another powerful device known as the IPhone 12 Pro. This is an elegant smartphone with fascinating features and specifications. Welcome on board as we look at some of the fantastic features of the IPhone 12 pro.


This powerful machine uses the organic light-emitting diode(OLED) technology for its display. This technology is applicable only for high-end phones such as the IPhone 12 pro. The smartphone also has a bezelless display.

This elegant phone comes with a display of 6.6 inches, so in terms of large screen size, you are sorted. Another fantastic thing is that it comes with a fully protected screen; thus, there is no need to include additional external screen protectors. The IPhone 12 pro has the multi-touch feature, which is only compatible with the latest phones.


Indeed, the IPhone 12 Pro has a powerful performance since it is a Hexa-core. Its CPU performance is rated at about 2.56GHZ. This fantastic phone operates with the IOS version 13.0, which is the latest IOS version in the market currently. In terms of graphics, the phone has high-end graphics since it is powered by the Apple GPU, which is a four-core graphics system.

This phone is perhaps even more potent than some computers.


Most of the smartphones we know of today usually hang or load slowly because of the number of applications installed. Still, for the IPhone 12 Pro, it will always load very fast regardless of the number of apps installed. This is made possible since it is equipped with a 6GB RAM, which will enable it to process data very fast.

The company has not compromised on the storage space since the phone comes equipped with a 64 GB storage space. The area is adequate to store all of your data. Unfortunately, the phone does not support external storage cards, commonly known as memory cards.


The IPhone 12 Pro comes fully equipped with a 4100 MAH Lithium-Ion battery. The battery can store its charge for an extended period. This powerful device is also fast charging; thus, load won’t be a significant issue.


You will get to enjoy high-end photography with the IPhone 12 Pro. It is fitted with three rear cameras, each having 13 megapixels, so in total, the rear cameras have 39 megapixels. The flashlight is also incorporated to enhance quality photography during the night.

The device is also equipped with a front camera of 13 megapixels with an LED flashlight. The camera also has the following features: face detection, self-timing, autofocus, but to mention a few. In terms of the quality of videography, the device can take high-quality 4K videos.


This IPhone 12 pro is fitted with various sensors to boost its security and also to enhance its performance. Some of the sensors include fingerprint sensors, temperature, light, and Gyro sensors. It is also equipped with a face identification feature.


The IPhone 12 pro happens to be a dual sim fitted with GPS. It has WI-FI connectivity, Bluetooth connectivity, and also wireless charging capability.


If you wish to purchase the latest IPhone, consider purchasing the IPhone 12 Pro. The list of the features and specifications is endless since it has other amazing features which will be enjoyed with the phone. Last but not least, when you purchase the phone, you are sure of your phone’s security since it can’t be hacked into.

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