Is big data the Akashic Record for artificial Intelligence?

Created: July 18, 2017

For several decades scientists and the researchers around the world have been pondering over the creating of artificial intelligence, in laymen’s terms, artificial intelligence is the replication of human conscience and decision-making ability in a machine or computer. But the biggest hurdle in realizing the dream of artificial intelligence is the inability of the machines to handle such a large scale of information that we, as humans use, to make decisions in our life. In past few years, the latest phenomenon has taken root around the world that can provide the manufacturers with a means to handle a large amount of data in a short time. In order to understand this discussion properly it is extremely important that we learn the meaning of different terms that are being used in this article. First and foremost is “Akashic” it is a term which originated from a Sanskrit word called “Akasha”, which means sky. While the big data is a general term that is associated with explaining the complexity and quantity of Dataset that is too large to handle for conventional data processing applications and software. Combined together Akashic Big data refers to a virtual or cloud based data processing platform that can handle the humongous amount of data. Now the question arises how this Akashic big data can help the humans create a robotic device or computer that is able to handle all this data and come up with real-time decisions that would help the businesses and consumers all around the world to get better services, share and propagate trends. A central data collection location can accomplish all of these goals by providing a platform that is able to collect, analyze and dissipate this huge collection of data.

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