Is Creativity Keeping Away from Effective Content Writing?

Created: April 9, 2014
Is Creativity Keeping Away from Effective Content Writing?

This once again proves that this cooperation requires much effort. Quite often, freelance writers answer solely to themselves. In other words, they work independently and are their own bosses.

In addition, freelance writers may not have the same view of your business that managers do. It is a personal choice of each business owner whether to tell freelance writers the entire marketing plan or the future goals of the company. Freelancers may also not understand your clients or your industry in the same way you do. Consequently, freelance writers may not agree with your strategies and methods of doing things.

Freelance writers are, first of all, word artists. However, great writers go beyond simply combining words and phrases into sentences, and sentences into articles. Instead, they have an ability to use their words to give that article it’s unique appearance. Freelance writers use their freedom to change tones and styles. It is important to remember that creativity is about thinking outside the box.

The main issue is that this diverse thoughts and viewpoints are able to cause conflicts between freelance writers and their clients.

Therefore, in order to avoid miscommunication, it is advised for the clients to take charge and lead the writing project. This, however, does not mean that clients can’t ask for some input on writer’s behalf. There are many experienced freelance writers who can offer valuable advice, as they are experts in the industry. Still, these are clients who must accept responsibility and determine the best way of approaching their target audience.

In such a way, in order to save time, clients are encouraged to provide specific and clear guidelines for freelance content writers in advance. While clients know exactlywhat results they desire, freelance writers cannot read their minds. There are several tips that can help clients communicate better with their professional writers.

  • Provide clear and specific points that must be included in the final content in order to avoid unnecessary revisions.
  • Give freelance writers some examples of the works you like.
  • Provde several reference pages for additional information.
  • Ask for the style and tone that you desire.
  • Give freelance writers any words or phrases that should be included.
  • Provide a link to the company’s website in order to give freelance writers a better understanding of the context.
  • Explain what the articles are needed for.
  • Include explanations of who is the target audience represented by.
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