Leaving Home in Order to Work from Home

Created: March 21, 2014
Leaving Home in Order to Work from Home

It sounds great to be able to work from home. Many freelance writers are proud of making their living while being able to write from home, as they earn some cash while still are there for their families. Freelance writers can work for three or four hours, then cook and do laundry and, finally, be there when the kids are back from school.

However, it turned out to be difficult to stick to the schedule, ignore the phone calls and the doorbell, and other distractions.

It is rather difficult to work while also catching up with the chores. Your neighbors will notice that you are staying home, so they can come buy and ask for different favors, like feeding their fish while they are away, etc.

These are the realities of working from home. Many people can manage it well. Mostly those who live alone. Maybe their partner is a saint. Still, the truth is, that most homes are impossible places to work at, as they are filled with many distractions. Therefore, many freelancers look for the ways to leave home so they can actually work from home. Here are possible ways of how to make this possible.

Find a place that feels like home away from home — You should find a special place where you are able to work regularly. This could be an Internet cafe, or a library, or even your favorite coffee shop. Basically, this could be any place that is well lit, quiet, and has Internet connection.

What about your car – Of course, it may sound a little unorthodox at first sight, but if a freelance writer lives in a temperate climate, he/she can turn a car into a mobile mini office. Nowadays, there are desks and laptop holders in cars, which were designed specifically for turning it into a mobile workspace. The important thing is to stay aware of one’s surroundings at all times, as well as picking a well-lit place to park.

This is a real job – When you work in an office, nine to five, every morning, you show up on time, ready to start. Well, this job is not different. You should get up every day at the same time, take a shower and have breakfast, and try to start your writing on a regular schedule. When a freelancer starts his/her job every day at the same time, you’ll be much more productive and efficient at work.

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