Make Others Think you Are Perfect! Promises vs. Reality

Created: November 24, 2015
Make Others Think you Are Perfect! Promises vs. Reality

Have you ever given a promise that you were not even going to keep? I did! I promised my mom to come back home at 9PM, promised my boss to delete World of Warcraft from the office PC, promised my 3-year son to buy a tablet… maybe… someday… but definitely, later …

There is an old good saying, “Promises are like little babies: easy to make, but so hard to deliver.” This truth is as old as the hills. So often we give promises but most of them we break. Be you a student, a teacher, or even a president – a human being keeping his words is a rear thing. As Galadriel has perfectly remarked, “The hearts of Men are easily corrupted.”

Business writing is a good means to make a name for yourself. It gives power, and you are the one to choose either the light or dark side of this power. Let’s consider the issue of promises vs. reality that is of utmost importance in any business writing.

Giving false promises in personal life and in business writing is not the same. Many would say, “Lying is unacceptable!” Pfff… Have you ever dealt with the reality, and more so with the business reality? Or your planet has different rules? We live in the world of embellishing, exaggerating, and dissembling. Want to succeed? Be perfect or make others think you are!

Most importantly, strike the happy medium. On the one hand, if in your business plan, for example, you turn the cards over, most probably you will not be able to sell this candy. The reality is usually too simple and dull like a poor relation in a noble family. Want to be honest? The business world is not for you. Bright trappings and sharp teeth – all you need to reach the top. On the other hand, if you overdo with the window dressing, you will put your head into the lion’s mouth. Trust me! Been there, done that.

All in all, you should clearly understand what to reveal and what to hide or add. In any case, either you should be able to prove what you say or it should be difficult to check your words. For example, if you say that your cows are the best as they have 100 teeth and, thus, have the tastiest meat, everyone will laugh. However, if you mention that they are descendants of the noble cows brought from Swiss Alps, you will earn extra points as first, everyone loves something European, and second, no one will check the true genealogy of your cattle.

While preparing a copy, be sure to follow some other simple rules

Be persuasive. If you lie, make it sound trustworthy. Make yourself believe you tell the truth.

Add spice. Everyone desires uniqueness. Even if you have one of the most common business offers, make your readers think it is the only chance in their life to acquire such a specific product or service.

Concealing is not lying. If there is something not so perfect about your product or service that can affect the sales, consider either concealing this tiny issue or fixing it immediately.

In general, business writing is a complicated task. If you have no time for preparing it on your own, you can contact that has already established a reputation as a reliable and trustworthy writing service. Join the best and be the best!

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