Mix It Up A Bit: 5 Tips To Improve Your Social Media Marketing

Created: October 1, 2014
Mix It Up A Bit: 5 Tips To Improve Your Social Media Marketing

Sales Promotions

Do not simply report the latest sale items, mention why you’re having this sale on the first place, offer some giveaways to the number of customers who order first, provide additional details about the benefits of this sale, like giving money to charity. This will make your social media expenses go much further.

Commentary on Events

Try to always stay on top of the greatest and latest events in your industry, while, at the same time, share some news of your own. The thing is, it’s not enough to comment on current events, you also have to tie those into your business, as well as your company offerings, explaining why this particular news is relevant to your customerss.


They say, a picture is worth a thousand words. It’s true that pics tend to catch customers’ attention, though too many images distract it, making your main message unclear. Therefore, your main task is to mix in visual stimulus in the amount that will benefit, but not harm. Just make sure to add comments or captions, explaining how the pic is related to your business.


Suppose you’ve posted a tutorial on how to fix something on your own…and your customers loved it! So you publish another one, and another, and a few more, which, of course, they gonna like too, because they no longer need your services and can do it themselves, or they think they will be able to, or they call your competitor, because their site is easier to navigate. Posting tutorials is not necessarily a bad thing, customers will appreaciate it that you care about them, but know your limits.

Conversations With Customers

There’s nothing better than a great conversation, and in terms of forming real connections with your customers too! Though, if one of them is having his/her 25th conversation with you, seeking a very detailed information regarding some item you’re selling, all in one week, you’re probably wasting your time. Conversation is good, but only that much of it, remember that you should actually sell your products to keep your business running. The bottom line is limiting the time you spend on social media websites to, let’s say, two hours a day.

Remember, that when you’re mixing social media post types means you increase your chances of connecting with different people. Do not hesitate to mix it up a bit and start enjoying the increased interest to your business.

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