Negotiation Process and its Role in Your Freelance Career

Created: April 18, 2014
Negotiation Process and its Role in Your Freelance Career

How Should You Determine the Rate?

It is so much easier when customers hand writers a rate or tell them what the pay for a set amount of words will be. Writers then have an option of accepting the proposed rate or declining the offer. It’s a completely different situation when the customers ask writers for their going rates or ask them what they’ll charge, without providing much information about the work or its budget.

In general, there are two possible options to determine the rate. One of the ways is to go high. Writers can announce the rate which is really high, and tick with it until customers respond. If customers balk at it, well, it’s their choice and writers didn’t want to work for them anyway. If they toss back another number, well, writers are in business.

The second option to come up with the rate is to feel the customer out. Writers might ask about the budget of the whole project, in order to get an idea of what they are expecting to pay. If writer expects $50 per blog post and the customer reveals that the budget for 10 posts is actually $1250, then writer has a better chance to ask for $100 per post. On the other hand, if customer responds that the budget for 10 posts is $100, writer might choose to duck out while he/she still can.

Give Just as Much as You Take

Negotiation process involves giving and taking. Writer might wish to get $100 per post, but his/her customer might only have $50. In such cases, customers might have to give their writers something for them to actually take the job. In particular, writers might work with customers to prolong a deadline. For example, instead of submitting a $100 job in four days, writers may do the job for only $50 job, but submit it in eight days. On the other hand, if customers agree to pay $100 whereas were intended to pay only $50, writers might agree to do the job in four days, instead of the intended eight.

Show what You are Worth of

There is a stiff competition in the world of freelance writing. For every good and experienced writer who asks for a decent rate from customers, there always is a bunch of those who are less experienced, but willing to offer more attractive rate. When writers start the negotiating process, they need to demonstrate proof that they are really worth this extrapay.

Make a portfolio and include samples that demonstrate your work best, especially its high quality. Moreover, you can ask past customers for testimonials or reviews, so that new customers can see your real value. Negotiating is not just about amount of dollars. It is a writer’s chance to prove to customers that he/she is actually able to do the job better than anybody else.

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