No Place for Duplicate Content

Created: March 31, 2014
No Place for Duplicate Content

Adding new content to the webpages is one of the most excellent ways to attract new customers. This content must, however, be of hight quality and focus on specific keywords which customers would most likely search for via Google and other search engines. Therefore, in order to increase the search engine exposure, new content to websites should be added wisely. In such a way, it is of essential importance to take proactive measures in order to protect your website from duplicate content.

Based on the definition provided by Google, duplicate content may be found both across and within domains, and such substantive blocks match each other either completely or be appreciably similar. In many cases, duplicate content is in result of neglectance and not paying close attention. Often, people do not seek to steal works from other websites, but do so without even realizing it. Still, rules are the same for everyone, so they end up suffering the penalties imposed by search engines. There are several ways to spoil website with duplicate content.

Avoiding Boilerplate Content

Boilerplate content refers to calls-to-action, copyright notices, as well as terms and conditions included on website pages. Many people seem okay to cut and paste such information from some pages other and do so in order to save time. Unfortunately, they do not realize that by so doing they set off red flags and due to this, some pages may not be shown in the results provided by search engine. The thing is that content on each page has to be unique, so the simplest solution to this problem is to rewrite the duplicates.

Quoting Responsibly

No doubt, a quotation that is carefully selected, as well as properly attributed, adds substantial value to content. Still, when there are too many quotations, it can also set off red flags, and search engines would act accordingly. Therefore, some quotes might well be used directly, while others must be paraphrased in order to avoid straight duplication.

Defeating Content Pirates

I happens that people find pages with content which was stolen from them. If this indeed happens, there are ways to reclaim your content. First of all, try contacting the owner of this website in order to figure out if he agrees to remove it. In case there is no positive reaction, try contacting the host and reporting the infringement. Moreover, you are also eligible to contact Google and other major search engines and in order to ask them to remove the infringing page from search results.

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