Seven Common Mistakes That Most Writers Do, But Should Avoid

Created: January 23, 2015
Seven Common Mistakes That Most Writers Do, But Should Avoid

1. Never Miss Deadlines — Missing a deadline is a sin, no matter which company you work for. You may write really well, but if you miss a deadline, you will be punished. The thing is, you may be the best writer, and still not have the highest rating because people that write worse than you, yet do not miss deadlines will take it.

2. Think About What You Say in Company Forums — Do not get too comfortable in company forums. This is definitely not a good idea to be condescending to other freelance writers, or get chippy about your company´s policies. Unfortunately, airing dirty laundry is quite a common practice in forums, but it doesn’t mean you will not regret about it lately.

3. Do Not Share Personal Information With Clients Every writer is sure that he/she puts out better products than others do. In result, many writers often assume that a company they work for should allow them to poach their customers. This is also a wrong way of thinking, since these are companies that find clients, so poaching clients may be well defined as stealing. It’s better to find your own clients and work with them.

4. Understand the Ethics of Ghost Writing — Many writers believe that when someone else takes credit for what they wrote is plagiarism. This is not completely true. Ghost writers do not really have any intellectual property rights, because they sell what they write. Though, many writers complain about this issue, the outcome is simple, in order to put a writer’s name on what he/she writes, he/she must not agree to be a ghostwriter.

5. Never Plagiarize and Make Sure You Know What Plagiarism Is — Missing a deadline is sin, but plagiarizing is a deadly sin. Try not to lose your writing permissions because of this unpleasant issue.

6. Adhere to the Rules of Grammar — no doubt, modern blogs, forums, and instant messages make peoplebelieve that the rules of grammar are no more valid, they still apply. Moreover, many search engine algorithms now start to segregate well written articles from thos that are not, so the writers that do not wish to invest in learning the rules of grammar will loose the battle.

7. Invest in Your SEO Education – Yes, it’s true that freelance writers get paid to write, still the content they produce is intended to boost page and site rankings. Therefore, understanding of SEO practices and trends is one of the best ways to stand out from other writers.

Got any tips on how to avoid common writing mistakes? Go ahead and share those with us in the comments below. Your opinion is highly appreciated!

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