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Created: January 25, 2020



Do you still reminisce those silent nights when your parents would sit by your bedside and read children books for you to help you fall asleep? Reading is one of the best moments of my childhood, and I am pretty sure that every child who had those times would treasure it and bring in into adulthood.


Nowadays, children’s books are still popular. And companies that publish these books are still in the trade. Amongst all publishing companies, Cricket Magazine Group is the most in-demand. Let’s now discuss the best books that are written and published by the Cricket Magazine Group. This company offers supreme literature for all ages. Today, they produce different lines of books for children precisely designed to suit their age bracket needs. All of their books are available for subscription starting at $33.95, inclusive of 9 issues in one-year time cycle.


Babybug Magazine


First on the list is Babybug Magazine. This book is packed with colorful pictures and learning enhancing exercises. Centered for early users aged six months to three years, Babybug Magazine is the most awarded children’s book. In 2008, it received the Parents’ Choice Silver Honor. It took the Classy Mommy Product Pick, and the Parents’ Choice Approved in 2009. And in 2010, the Parents’ Choice Approved Award. Your one-year-old child will surely enjoy brief poems and rhymes that can be absorbed by little minds. The exciting puzzles and extensive information will stimulate their young talents towards creativity and productivity.


Ladybug Magazine.


Next on the list is Ladybug Magazine. This book focuses on building a child’s motor skills and devised for children aged three to 6 years old. Each issue is a 40-page book that is full of incredible stories, general facts, simple tests, and riddles. It also has a removable 4-page activity section that your child would enjoy doing. Packed with loads of artistry, ideas, and creative exercises to do, this book presents an exceptional learning path for children just like the other magazines created by the Cricket Magazine Group. Moreover, Ladybug is gratified to take the Parents’ Choice Silver Award of all time.




Spider Magazine


Another delightful book from the Cricket Magazine Empire is Spider Magazine. The first book of choice for kids who are on the road to language proficiency aged six to nine years old.

Each issue is meticulously sketched to give as much knowledge, and data a kid can absorb. Your child will develop a love for reading and realize how much fun reading can be. Spider magazine is a great read that can incite new concepts for kids with winning plots and twists. The book also displays striking graphics and entertaining games that help children to think carefully. A proud recipient of the Parent’s Choice Gold Award, hence.


An excellent way to raise education and vocabulary skills is through reading. The opportunity of each child to grow imaginatively is Cricket Magazine Group’s primary advocacy. With their top of the line books, recommended by award-giving bodies, your children will unquestionably develop a lasting love for reading and learning.




























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