Do You Know the Reasons Why People Get Away from Your Site?

Created: September 10, 2015
Do You Know the Reasons Why People Get Away from Your Site?

Do you know the reasons why people get away from your site? Actually, they are not numerous, but they are easy to correct. According to the research conducted by Liu, White, and Dumais (2010), 95% of people leave the web site within the first 10 seconds. Those who stay there longer are sure to leave the site within 15 seconds (55%), as to Haile (2014). The less time people spend on the time, the higher the probability to leave the page immediately. What does influence human decisions? Over the first 10 seconds it is possible only to scroll down the information without having a deep consideration about the page. The Weibull distribution the researchers used for the analysis has proven that screen-and-glean becomes a popular behavioral strategy visitors use online in comparison to the scrolling one. Screen-and-glean behavioral strategy means that visitors check the information selectively. Personal pleasure and comfort are also the reasons for leaving a website or staying there.

List of the reasons why people leave the sites after several seconds without checking information carefully

  1. Too much advertising. It is obvious that the Internet has become a new platform of informing people about goods and services. However, too many ads which appear on the site prevent from reading the actual information. There are many sites with similar information and people don’t want to spend time on reading unnecessary stuff.
  2. Sound, harsh, loud and unpredictable. Some webs turn on automatic audio advertising, which cannot be easily turned off especially in many tabs. It sounds uncomfortable and many people leave such sites without even looking on the information presented there.
  3. Either too small or too large font. The information should be readable and easily understood. Too small or too large font may prevent from reading the information. Modern online searchers select the facts from the article without reading the whole data. Poor readability is a bad sign and the visitors may leave the web without having found what is required.
  4. Enormous brightness of the site or fading of the font. Searching for specific information people usually spend hours before the screen. Human eyes are tired and in case of bright font or background people feel pain and do not want to continue reading. Leaving the site is the best decision in this case.
  5. Outdated plug-in. Visiting the sites, people expect to have all the necessary software for seeing and reading information. People strive for novelties and try to update their software regularly. In case visitors face some outdated plug-in, they will not try to resolve an issue, but they will simply leave the site to find the same information.
  6. Auto-played videos also irritate people. Such videos are usually turned on in several seconds after staying on the web and may confuse. It becomes absolutely uninteresting to remain on the site where video can interrupt a pleasure from reading.
  7. Not mobile friendly. Nowadays, more and more people use the Internet from their phones. If a site is not mobile friendly, people will not be able to check it. That is why such sites are left in 1-2 second.
  8. Low speed of site load. Some sites are overloaded with the pictures and banners, which may limit the speed of the load. Such sites are also closed before any attention.
  9. Constant redirecting. The sites where people are usually redirected to other webs are not interesting. The visitors are not ready to spend minutes on searching the data they need following from one web to another.
  10. Poor site structure and absence of navigation. Having visited a site, people expect to find all the information they need fast and easy. Good navigation makes it possible for people to find what they need and to consider the site useful. Poor navigation irritates people and make them leave the site.
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