These Content Ideas are Suitable for Every Industry

Created: August 20, 2015
These Content Ideas are Suitable for Every Industry

Are you looking for suitable content ideas for your website or blog that will bring more traffic? If yes, then keep on reading. First of all, it is worth noting that it is absolutely normal to feel a lack of ideas. It does not mean that you are doing something wrong; it just signals that you need to refresh or get some push or advice from the outside.

You Can Write About…

Our pieces of advice provided below will help you to get back on content ideas’ generating track.

  1. Write about your project’s (your website’s/company’s/blog’s) individual achievements. Focus on what you have already achieved and how you came up with such a business idea; what obstacles you overcame and what are the main goals of your project/website. Knowing your history and future plans, people will relate to you and will be willing to follow your progress.
  2. Prepare a comprehensive analysis and research of your industry. Discuss the new trends in the industry and comment whether you support the new policies. People want to be aware of the recent changes and they will be more loyal if your website will help them in that.
  3. Help people to get more educated in the sphere. You can prepare a tutorial or shot a video that will teach a new skill or how to use a new tool or software. You can also write summaries of longer articles or books relevant to the industry.
  4. Cover events that have to do with your business. It is always a good idea to attend various meetings and conferences in your sphere and then provide short recaps of what you have learnt. This not only inspires but also helps to keep your finger on the pulse.
  5. Post seasonal articles. No matter what your website or blog is about, you still need to post articles on a special topic on Valentine’s Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas Holidays, Labor Day, etc.
  6. Start some campaign or uphold some tradition. It should be something that will be continually updated and improved. For example, you can post a new tip on how to survive in your business niche or a motivational slogan/picture every day. This will make your readers at least drop by to your website every single day to check it out.
  7. Allow your readers to talk to you. Everyone loves it when there is a possibility not just to read something but actually to comment on it or, what is more exciting, to take part in some quiz or serious discussion. Let your readers respond to your writing: raise questions, leave feedbacks, offer discussion topics, and so on. This way you won’t run out of content ideas – your readers will become an endless resource of them.

Let your Brain Recharge

In fact, the writer’s block and blank-page anxiety are very common problems in the sphere of content writing. The thing is that a vast amount of different information we receive every minute overwhelms us and hence suppresses our own creativity and innovative thinking. That is why, to be able to generate new ideas, you have to ‘let your brain breathe freely’ for some time – just relax, switch off all the electronic devices, think about nothing (or better don’t think at all), and just indulge in the images and sounds around. And you will see, new great ideas will pour in your head.

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