Time Management: Some Important Points to Learn

Created: June 11, 2014
Time Management: Some Important Points to Learn

There are freelance writers, photographers, artists, stylists, the list can go on. One of the things that you all have in common is that you don’t have much time away from work. Why does it happen?There are several explanations. There is also a piece of advice on what freelance writers can do tomanage their personal time.

The Endless Pool of Demands

Many freelancers find it overwhelming to keep track of their everyday duties. Considering the fact that they work from home, the lines between their work and home life become really blurred. You may have just sat down to write and suddenly remembered that that there’s laundry for you to do, so you get up and forget about writing. Or you may’ve been cooking and realized that it’s deadline for your psoposal, so you leave your dinner in order to write.

When you work from home, you give into numerous demands from customers and others. Since your laptop is just in the next room – there’s problem with checking an urgent email or managing a quick revision. So you do this, without realizing that it all can turn against you. When you comply with unreasonable demands you teach customers that it’s all right to ask for favors that they shouldn’t – you give it to them once, you’ll most likely give it again, and again. When all of a sudden, you find out that your time is no longer yours, which results in much stress and spoilt relationships with significant others.

How to Manage Your Time

The important thing that all freelancers should understand is that they have to treat their freelance career like a “real” job. Without this, it is impossible to reach success. Set goals and work hard, just like you would do working in the office with boss in charge. This principle also applies to spending time away from your workplace.

Imagine a situation when your boss at a corporate job calls you any hour he/she wants during day and night time with work demands. Would you respond positively? Probably not. Don’t be afraid to reject and say no, stand up for yourself, make your customers understand that just because you work from home you are not able to satisfy every single request, you have your own work hours. Let your customers know what your office hours are and that you answer emails and calls or do revisions during these hours only. Once it’s done, stick to those hours, and manage your time effectively.

Don’t worry too much about losing the customer, as long as you assert yourself respectfully and professionally. If the customer can’t respect you and value your time, there are other customers who will.

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