Created: November 26, 2016

This article revolves around the suffering of human beings precisely either internal or external torture. This can be as a result of natural,political,emotional or spiritual interventions that overwhelm the human heart to a point that they decide suicide is the best option of survival.

There comes a time in life when all you have has been deprived off you; when you feel you cannot move anymore. The clenching of teeth and wiping tears that never ceases to roll. Your eyes change to red color for a number of weeks until you feel you cannot do it anymore. The feeling is overwhelming and excruciating. That is the time you know the real pain of suffering.

Suffering is an excruciating situation in which you feel so deprived of something that really mattered to you. The feeling prolongs for long depending on the subject it is based upon. These can be in political instability, death,poverty, children exploitations where young children are recruited as soldiers, sex exploitation especially where women are imported secretly or conned for sex-slavery. The get into the world of massive torment and torture. A world that nobody ever wanted or believed they would ever be in. A world where all the voices you know or have heard about are related to screams and anguishing in abject torture.

In that cocoon of suffering and aguish, you feel left. You feel you abandoned in a sea of no return. All you see around you is an enclosure consisting of barbed-wire fence complete with 2-inch sharp-like blades all around. You cannot escape their stinging-wrath. All you are left to do is stare non-fiercely at the façade before you, cry day and night because there is no food on the table and lastly because you know that your only savior is ‘death’.

The path ahead is long, misty and non-measurable. You actually do not know what will happen the next hour. Well-wishers are of no importance at the moment. No single word of hope can make you feel right. You tremble and writhe slowly as you grope towards the light that seems to fade. Stretch marks around the corner of the eye evidently show the days of anguish. The once bright-looking skin becomes sort of faded and blunt. What is left to scavenge?

You cry and crybut you remember that you are an airlifted sex-slaved 18yr old girl in a foreign country caged in an abyss of a hole with goliath heights. There is nothing possible you can try to do to save your life. In addition, being more submissive to men who pay to be served at your service makes you feel used and completely stigmatized. Nevertheless, what do you do? Most people end up killing themselves to leave the sorrows of this world. However, why should we reach such an extent? Don’t we have a heart, a strong heart to be specific…? It’s really hard to imagine being in such a situation but try to place yourself in the shoes of the terminal jail ‘criminals’ who were absolutely convicted innocent or the terminal ill patients awaiting slow death in hospitals. What would you do?

When you have cried until you can’t feel the tears anymore. It hurts more when you remember the good old days when you were lavishing in that good life. As you flashback, tears make sure they accompany you in large amounts making you feel the worst. Your eyes ache, your facial muscles ache too. After crying for hours and days, you come to that realization that you don’t need to do it anymore. It’s useless. You get up on your toes and all you want to do is survive. You have to trample upon all the bad things that life has put forward on your road.

Ever seen a man dying due to hunger…It’s the most painful death. Slow in progression and very damaging to the body physique. Extremely visible ribs under that pale dehydrated patchy skin. A face worth a thousand revelations, dry mouth and a tongue that wishes to speak but can’t. While people are eating to their fill without sharing a single bit to the suffering citizens… what kind of life is this? When the rich guys at the catbird seat embezzle funds scheduled for supplemental budgetsin caseof natural disasters i.e. droughts and floods. Why do we feel so full that we don’t require other people in our lives? This is the generation today. These things are happening but nobody seems to care. People tighten their belts tightly so as not to share it with anyone else. Why can’t we be humbled and accommodate our fellow people?

Rushing to blame people for committing suicide is truly not the best solution. If we were at their position, we would be in dire need of counseling lest we would follow suit. They need us. All the people who are oppressed need our help. Psychological support and assurance is the best medicine a patient can receive. Making the mind think positively and making it less anxious is the best way to make such people happy. They are part of us. They need us for their daily living. A good word to such people makes their mind see at least some light to the world they are in.

The word to the crying man: take courage, take hope, fill yourself with hope (even its fake), take every resource you have and work, gear up towards the end of the light. Never let the worst stumble unto you to commit suicide or activities, which are considered ‘taboos’. Let them see you suffer courageously and let that be your drive. It’s more rewarding to face the troubles and sufferings by taking them like a bull by the horns and persevering through. It may take ages, generations and millennia but that one day to overcome your troubles is rightfully scheduled at a certain date, hour and season. Therefore, my dear suffering person, have hope and believe you can make it. Let them make you suffer; let them make you feel the worst but be assured that your days will be rewarding.

Written by: Ken

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