Traps in Business Writing: Never Remain Careless in Social Media

Created: October 29, 2015
Traps in Business Writing: Never Remain Careless in Social Media

Nowadays, social media has become an indispensable part of our lives. There are about 7.2 billion people on the planet for now. It has been estimated that about a half of people in the whole world are active online. About ¼ of the world’s population have accounts on different social media networks. A bit smaller number of people have access to their accounts from smartphones and tablets. Out of 2.1 billion people who have social media accounts only 1.7 billion actively use them. It is important to know these facts as modern businesses are actively developing on the social networks even if companies do not pay much attention to it.

It should be stated that the companies which have official accounts on the social media win those who don’t. Therefore, being socially active companies must implement the elements of business writing on the Internet. The number of people using social net is quite numerous, therefore each company should remember about the rules of what to publish online not to appear in traps.

5 Top Social Media Traps in Business Writing

  1. Timing. Using social media for business development, you need to understand that posts must be delivered on the regular basis. The same is about responses. You need to check social media for feedback and comments and provide your responses regularly.
  2. Exaggeration. Information technologies allow creating various videos and photos, which may change your image immediately. You may want to raise your sales or other facilities by referring to such videos or some valuable posts. You have to remember that being a positive aspect for the first time, it may ruin all your plans in the future. Just make sure that all you write corresponds to reality.
  3. Business perspective. Being involved in social media, you must clearly understand why you are doing it. The business strategy must be well-planned as having registered an account you must follow it. Accounts left without monitoring will still attract attention, but it will be mainly negative one. It is a major trap for all business companies, which have decided to be present on social media, but after registration left their accounts.
  4. Wrong focus. The major delusion on the social network is the age of the audience. Some people still believe that any information posted on social networks should be referred to youth. This error may lead to serious mistake in the choice of focus in business writing. For example, according to Twitter people aged 55–64 are the fastest growing audience. Therefore, if a company offers information for a limited audience, they may lose potential visitors/clients.
  5. Desire to follow the fashion. Companies which want to be popular and try to follow the fashion may seriously lose. For example, recently emerged selfie remains absolutely inappropriate for business world. Those who think differently are sure to lose.

Having appeared on the social network, you have to make sure that the posts you apply are effective and to the point. Depending on the selected network, you may need either some small posts or serious articles. is one of the best services online, which offers unique services in business writing. Using our support, you can receive top quality written papers from the writers you are able to choose and for the most convenient prices you can set by yourself. We are ready to answer all your questions as our Customer care department is available 24/7.

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