Understanding SEO and Utilizing It For Your Greatest Advantage

Created: July 28, 2014
Understanding SEO and Utilizing It For Your Greatest Advantage

SEO is an art. Your website’s code is one of the most important aspects in regards to SEO, as altering it enables site engines to find the necessary sites. Here is how it works:

Edit Aspects of Your Website’s Code

Before you actually start to determine what has to be altered in the code of your website, firstly, you should understand how you can edit it. Generally speaking, one of the easiest ways to change your site’s HTML code is simply by clicking on your website’s edit HTML button. Don’t forget to click the save button once you’re done with the desired changes, so that you can view your changes.

Optimize Your Website Code

It is important to understand that the search engine’s algorithm is powered by the engine bots, which do not simply read your website’s content and text, but also read your website’s code, which they also tabulate. After that, they break this code into few subcategories. Each subcategory has to be optimized in order to create a website that can easily be found by search engine. Some of subcategories are covered below:

Title Tags: A title tag refers to the title of your website, it tells the search bots what your website is all about. For example, my site might be entitled as <title>A SEO Guide for Beginners</title>on search engine optimization:

Please note, that when you come up with codes for your title, you should use your main keywords in the title itself. Moreover, you can create a non-repetitive title tag for each of your website’s pages in order to improve your search engine results even more.

Meta Description Tags: Even though the main meta description does not really influence your website’s search engine ranking greatly, it’s still important, as it tells website visitors what your website is about. Therefore, do not underestimate the impact it has, as it might be the main reason whether or not people decide to visit your website once it’s found by the search engine. For better results, when you deal with creating your description, answer the following questions : why should people pay a visit to your page? Why should the visit be now? Why are you the best at what your website offers?

Sitemaps: to understand what a sitemap is, consider it as a road-map for search engines. You’d like to provide the search engine bots with directions to each web page of your site. One of the easiest ways to achieve this goal is by utilizing special tools that will create a sitemap for you, for example XML Sitemap Creator.

Other: SEO optimization, there are many important aspects of code that are worth exploring. You can dig futher and learn about links, site, and URL structure and alt tags. Have fun!

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