US Elections 2016. How America will change

Created: November 18, 2016
US Elections 2016. How America will change

US presidential election is one of the most important elections in the world; this is because America is the most powerful nation on earth. It means whoever US citizens decide to elect as their next president, will automatically become the head of government and also the commander in chief of the largest military in the world. This puts a big responsibility on the American people because they have to decide wisely on the most appropriate candidate to take office. Therefore, policy and strategies of the elected US presidents in the past have always had either a direct or indirect impact on the US as well as the rest of the world, and Donald Trump Jr’s victory in the recently held presidential election will be no exception.

Donald Trump – 45th President of the USA. How America will change within the next 4 years

Since Donald Trump Jr. announced his bid for the US presidency, he was always unlike the other candidates. His campaigns have been seen to be totally different compared to former campaigns of other US presidents, as he promised to make America great again and continued to give suggestions, like building a wall to stop illegal immigrants and also discouraging or stopping imports by imposing tariffs. Though many of his thoughts were not politically correct and some were unconstitutional, they are said to represent most of what the American public wants to happen.

With Donald Trump’s election as the 45th president of the United States of America, it is predicted that America and the rest of the world will change in both positive and negative ways. Here are the changes that might be seen taking place:

  • Fears that NATO now faces a shake-up;
  • New cozier ties with Russia;
  • Free trade deals may be affected;
  • Iran nuclear accord could be reconsidered;
  • More nuclear weapons in Asia;
  • Climate change revamp among others.

Trump NATO

NATO is headed for a possible shake-up. Mr. Trump has always been seen to be serious about NATO, which has been a foundation of US foreign policy since the 1950s. He continues to argue that the organization is now irrelevant and that the US should do away with it because its members only benefit from US generosity. Mr. Trump suggests that the US should stop protecting countries in Europe and Asia, that they should only do so if they are to be compensated. From this, it can be seen that Mr. Trump is simply voicing Americans’ concern that they are the only NATO member that spend more of it’s Gross Domestic Product on defense compared to other member states.

Trump Russia

It is also witnessed that there is a possibility of US new cozier ties with Russia. During the presidential campaign debates, Mr. Trump has often praised Putin as a strong leader, and also the main reason why NATO was formed was for the member states to be able to defend themselves against Russian aggression. He now sees this organization as an irrelevant movement in today’s context. Therefore, the ties between US and Russia might improve due to these measures.

WTO Trump

Free trade deals may also be affected since Mr. Trump has vowed to do away with a number of existing trade agreements; he argues that these trade agreements are the reasons why most American citizens do not have jobs. He even suggests withdrawal from the world trade organization and he also wants tariffs to be imposed on imports. He says that these actions will create more jobs for American citizens. Though these actions can lead to creation of more jobs for Americans, they can also dent ties with the rest of the world.

Iran US nuclear deal Trump

Iran nuclear accord was a deal that made sanctions against Iran to be lifted with a condition that Iran will not pursue nuclear weapons again. Mr. Trump intends to rethink on the deal and, if possible, even abolish it. If this sails through, it will have a significant impact on the Middle East, with Iran being the most significant player in the Syrian conflict and also one of the rivals of Saudi Arabia and Israel. This deal did not only involve the US alone, but other world powers as well.

climate change Trump

On climate change, Mr. Trump’s take on this is that he does not believe in the science of human-caused climatic change. He argues instead that this is something that has just been created by the Chinese to render US manufacturing firms less competitive. With him doing this, others argue that it will encourage other governments to reduce their attempts to decrease planet-warming emissions. This will, in essence, have an adverse effect on the climate.

What are the new challenges for Americans? How will the new President cope with them?

Most of the challenges that America now faces and that Mr. Trump needs to address as the new president:

  • Instability and war that exists in the Middle East;
  • Islamic terrorism in the US;
  • Climate change.

The conflict witnessed in Syria, Iraq, Libya, and other countries in the Middle East is causing millions of damages and serious humanitarian crisis. Millions of people from the Middle East are fleeing their countries and moving to Europe. These problems can lead to the rise of radicalism in the US. Therefore, it is very important for Mr. Trump to handle the issues in the Middle East before matters get out of hand. Also, radicalism is now rampant in the western world; recent attacks that have occurred in San Bernardino and Orlando nightclub shooting has also left Americans very much worried. Therefore, the US government should take swift action by issuing more public alerts on terror.

Climate change is also another challenge that an incoming president will have to address. There are many significant environmental issues in the US, for instance pollution and deforestation. The president should strive to pass a major climate bill that should aim at conserving the environment.

Top president facts. What we know about Donald Trump

Donald Trump facts

Donald Trump will be sworn in as the 45th president of the United States. This historic event will take place on January 20th, 2017. Here are some of the incoming president facts you need to know.

  • Mr. Trump has never held any public office, that is to say, that he has never had any career in government or military. He was sent away to a military school in his teen years, however, as his parents were concerned about his rebellious behavior.
  • Famous Trump Tower in New York was constructed by polish immigrants for miserable money (around $4 per hour). Trump later stated he did not know anything about this matter.
  • He is also a germaphobe and oversensitive about shaking hands.
  • Donald Trump does not drink alcohol and has never tried drugs, however launched a personal Vodka brand in 2005.
  • Another fact about the incoming president is that he is the oldest president that has ever been sworn into office.
  • Mr. Trump also appears in Forbes list of world’s billionaires in 2015 (his net worth in 2015 was $4.1 billion as per the records in Forbes).
  • A great deal of his fortune is a heritage from his father, and Mr. Trump could actually live on that money with no need to work all his life.
  • And, finally, another important fact is that he won as a republican, even though in other occasions he has affiliated himself with other political parties. In 2000, for example, Trump ran for president as a member of the Reform Party, and even won primaries in 2 states.
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