Use Social Media, Become a Better Writer

Created: May 12, 2014
Use Social Media, Become a Better Writer

One can go through his entire news feed without seeing a single properly written sentence. Lots of spelling errors, grammar mistakes, no periods, and similar things catch the eye of a regular viewer. Is this inability to employ basic writing rules a virtue or vice? Depends on one’s ability to think outside the box.

Learn from Reading

Many people hold the opinion that social media is evil and has no value to offer to writers. Such thoughts can cause them to miss some big opportunities. First of all, any kind of reading is beneficial, that is why social media can be quite helpful. Reading more makes one a better writer, whether he/she realizes it or not. This is because every time one reads, he/she subconsciously judges what he/she likes and doesn’t like, which is a great strategy to refine one’s style.

Create Unique Characters

The greatest literature pieces always have compelling characters and multiple personalities. Readers usually visualize characters in their minds and create images of them, often thinking of them as of real people. Same is true about social media. There is no other place on earth, where you can «meet» and read about so diverse people as in social media. Here, a news feed becomes a gateway into a diverse array of writing styles, personalities, and forms of expression. Social media sites give us an opportunity to see how people communicate with each other and handle various life situations. If a writer knows how to use this information, it can do a lot good to his/her writing.

Write a Story

Social media is quite helpful for writers if they are smart enough to process information around them. Each time a writer views his/her news feed he/she has the opportunity to learn from different writing styles. Writers just take the best parts of what they see and use them to own advantage. In order to be a good writer, one has to know exactly what tone to use in particular situation. Writers just take what they’ve picked up and apply it in their work. Such a practice gives your writing so much more depth.

Does Quantity Equal Quality?

Not only social media gives and opportunity to learn by reading, it also gives a chance to write in many different ways. Consider Twitter, where one can use only 140 characters to get his/her message across. In this case, no single character can be wasted. It is vital for the writers to leave only the content that is most relevant for readers. Being brief and concise, yet with a bright personality, makes the writing impressive and valuable.

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