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What Are The Tricks Of Copywriting Success?

Created: December 18th, 2014 (13:10)
What Are The Tricks Of Copywriting Success?

Being a copywriter means that you’re primarily concerned about things like value propositions, weasel words, and the impact they make. Here are some helpful tricks that will make it easier for you to come up with exactly what you need.

Do You Think It Could Help?

Copywriting depends highly on excellent word choice, which implies that anything that does not have a direct meaning must dissapear. Although some weasel words are pretty clear, most customers would not like it when the product you’re offering could, or may help them.

Other weasel words, like regular use, are also sneaky. Does regular stand for daily, weekly, or monthly use? Make sure to explain what it actually means by telling exactly how often people should use your product for better results.  

Passive voice is another thing you should get rid of. Look at the relationship between the subject and the verb to discover if you have any. In active voice sentences, the subject is actually doing something, while in passive voice ones, it  is having something done to it. So active voice gives your copy a stronger meaning.

It’s All About Value Proposition

All great copy should carry some value proposition in them. It must, therefore, contain the most important points of the service you’re providing or the product you’re selling. In order to come up with a value proposition, a copywriter should answer the following questions:

  • What makes people want to buy this service/product?
  • How exactly does it fulfill their needs?
  • What makes it different from competitors, i.e. better than the rest on the market?

Remember though, that your main task is not to answer these questions for yourself, but for your target audience. If your customer hasn’t given you any hints, you might do some mind reading.

Focus on What Really Matters

Your copywriting has to carry some powerful message in it, be it humorous, empathetic, or even frightening.

Stand out over other competitors. Send your target customers some emotional message that will trigger their hearts. Emphasize something that will matter the most to them. The trick is, such emotional appeals can actually add a sense of urgency, therefore, you could use this and make your product/service seem more desirable, as well as make your brand unforgettable.

Now you know what to do to make your copywriting effective as ever. Got some additional tips or advice? Share them in comments below!

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