What Can A Post On LinkedIn Do To Your Business?

Created: January 19, 2015
What Can A Post On LinkedIn Do To Your Business?

If you already have a company blog, profiles on several social media platforms and create email newsletters, you’re probably doing well. Should you add LinkedIn to your to-do list?

On LinkedIn brands can create content and post it on their company pages, making it visible to their industry-specific target audience. It is similar to other social media sites in a way that readers can click the «Like» button and leave comments. Moreover, all posts are archived on your page so you can access them at any time.

When publishing on LinkedIn, you basically post your own content in a major online forum without much interference from outside sources. This means you can promote your brand yourself by including links to your own site and write your thoughts without worrying about filters.

What’s more, in your company’s blog, your posts will most likely be seen by audience that is already familiar with your product/service, while on LinkedIn, your articles are exposed to the vast LinkedIn community.

How LinkedIn Can Benefit Your Business

  • Get your content in front of people in the same industry
  • You will get noticed by potential customers
  • Spark conversation about your company or industry news
  • Promote your product/service in your own space

Write Something That Readers Can Use

Create articles that offer some actionable information. For example, if you’re selling apparel, you could post simple, yet informative informative tips on how to remove stains. That’s the news you can really use in real life situations.

Give Your Business A Boost

When writing a clever response to a mention in a famous publication, you can also catch the attention of LinkedIn’s editor team. This may result in being included in their official Twitter feed or their customized ‘Must Reads’ e-mail blast. Just magine, how many times can this article be viewed and the number of comments it can generate.

Read Latest News To Come Up With Content Ideas

Pay attention to current news and trends, participate in the conversation. Take a hot topic and create an article that offers particular viewpoint on the story. Additionally, it will be a beneficial marketing tool for both large and small businesses.

Write Forecasts

What are your predictions regarding the changes you see in your industry? Write them down and post the article on your LinkedIn profile. If your business is seasonal, talk about what you’re expecting from a season to come.

Do you already have a LinkedIn page? If not, do not hesitate, and register. If so, tell us what kind of useful content do you publish there? How did LinkedIn help your company and brand? Share your thoughts and comment in the section below.

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